4 Best Editing Applications to Make Instagram Stories Better

Do you like to post your best moments on Instagram stories? Certainly, you should make it look more engaging. Therefore, you should try some of the best editing applications to make Instagram stories better.

About Feature Instagram Stories

Instagram always makes new features such as Instagram stories. You can post some photos or videos. However, your post will not appear on your profile page and will be removed within 24 hours.

You can choose many filters, text, or stickers to decorate your posts. But, do you know there are many editing applications that can make your Instagram story look more interesting and unique? Don’t worry, the four editing applications below can help you.



You can use the Instagram stories maker Unfold editor application. Unfold has many templates, fonts, and filters for you to pick and use as needed. You can get templates fit with Instagram stories pages and don’t need to resize them again.

Template design and unique fonts can give a good impression of the photos or videos that you will upload. Moreover, you can change the size and type of text that has been provided to the template page. Most importantly, you can install this application for free on the Playstore or Appstore.

The Unfold application will not ask you to register an account. You just download the app on your Android or iOS phone. So, you will not get spam from the email you used to register.

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The Inshot editor application is one of the best free apps for Instagram stories. Therefore, you must try it. Even if you are not good at editing photos or videos, Inshot is simple to use.

This application can enhance the standard of photos. You can adjust the appearance of the video to create a video suitable for the Instagram story. In addition, Inshot has additional music for photos or videos.

The Inshot application has a weakness. This application cannot combine multiple photos and videos. So, you can only edit one photo or video.



StoryArt is an editing application that is very simple to use. StoryArt gives some beautiful and aesthetic templates. You can be creative using text with various fonts and other design effects.

StoryArt is an Instagram story video editor too. This application also gives video editing functions. Therefore, you can make Instagram stories just by using this application.

This application has more than 200 Instastory templates. In fact, StoryArt will add many new templates every week. So, you will not be bored with the template choices provided.


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Canva is the most popular editing application and has many comprehensive features. In other words, Canva is one of the best apps for Instagram stories in 2021. You can get templates, fonts, backgrounds, stickers, icons, and images.

You can use this application on your smartphone and pc. Canva really makes it very easy for users. Moreover, you can install this application for free in Playstore or Appstore.

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Unfortunately, Canva can only be used if there is an internet connection. In other words, Canva includes cloud-based applications. Therefore, make sure your smartphone or PC is connected to the internet.


In conclusion, those are some of the best editing applications to make Instagram Stories better. No matter what application you use, this is very beneficial for your account. You can be more creative, get the attention of other users, and keep them following your account.

Editing Instagram stories needs extra patience. It’s not about the difficulty, but a sense of discontent with the results. Therefore, you should learn how to edit photos or videos soon.

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