4 Tricks to Get Free Tik Tok Views

Getting free tik tok views is not always about using tools or bots. You can use these tricks to get more views on TikTok.

For You Page (FYP)

how to get free tik tok views can be started from the ForYou page? What is the ForYou page? It is the first screen you see when opening the TikTok app. This is the place where you can find the videos you are interested in.

You can keep scrolling to find new creators, as well. How can you make your videos appear on others’ ForYou page? You just need to create a consistent daily post. 

High-Quality Content

Many people love to watch digital media nowadays. Of course, they want to see high-quality content on every single platform. You might want to use TikTok for promoting your business or doing anything for business branding.

You will not be able to attract users that can lead to free tik tok views if your content is of low quality. No doubt focusing on content quality becomes the key to being successful on TikTok. You can make your TikTok video viral, as well.


TikTok comes with the tag feature. This feature will allow you to add various kinds of tags to your videos on TikTok.

What is the main function of this tagging feature? The tags will have an important role to decide users that will watch your TikTok videos. However, this function can only be found if you use relevant tags. Using irrelevant tags will only take you into the penalty, after all. The users can feel free to report you when they find your videos not suitable with the tags.

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Instead of getting free instagram followers, your account can be terminated or even blocked.

Video Edit and Resize

Anyone can make TikTok videos. You do not have to be a professional to create videos on TikTok.

Nevertheless, you can always edit your videos before posting them on TikTok. Various kinds of video editing tools can be used to make your videos look professional.

It will help you get more likes and views since people always love high-quality videos.You can even use a good camera for making TikTok videos.

However, you have to remember that it will lead to a bigger video size. Uploading a large size video will take time.

Meanwhile, the users do not want to wait for too long to watch your videos. They can just skip and find another one. To get free tik tok views, you should reduce the size of your video.

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