5 Simple Steps of How to Take Photos on Instagram

For beginners, you should read the article below as it will discuss further how to take photos on Instagram. As we already know, Instagram is one of the best platforms to connect with friends and many people in the world by posting photos or videos

Moreover, you are also able to add filters and other interesting effects to have some aesthetic results on your Instagram feed. Without any further due, let’s jump to the simple tutorials below on how to take photos on Instagram!

Simple Steps of How to Take Photos on Instagram

After creating an Instagram account, ensure to start posting something! Now, let’s learn how to take photos on Instagram photos by following the 5 simple steps below from the beginning until the end.

Swipe left to go to Instagram post page

After logging in, you will be directed to the timeline page. Then, simply swipe the page to the left. After that, change the option from “Story” to “Post”. If you choose “Story”, the picture only appears as Story and only lasts for 24 hours. While “Post” will let your photo be uploaded on your Insta feed.

Choose photos from library to post

The first option that appears is to post a photo you save in your library. Choose any photo you want to post by adjusting the location of the photo. However, if you want to post your selfie or picture of the recent scenery, take a look at the following step.

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Take photos directly

How to take Instagram photos of yourself? Instead of choosing pictures from the phone library, select the camera button to turn on your camera. Then, your camera will be on, and switch to the front camera to take selfies. Very easy, right? 

If you want to add filters, you need to know how to take photos on Instagram with filters. Let’s continue on the paragraph below for the next step!

Add and adjust the filter photo before posting

If you are ready with photos to post, it is better to add some filters here and there for a better result. Besides, you may also adjust the contrast, exposure, and many more. 

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For those who still wonder how to edit Instagram photos aesthetically, for your information, Instagram provides cool filters and editing options you may adjust to your picture before posting it online.

Click “post” and don’t forget the caption!

If you feel like your photos are ready to post, then click on the post button. Next, you have to apply some interesting captions that may include hashtags for better engagement. 

Besides, you may provide more information on your post, such as location, share it on other social media (if already connected), and even tag your friends! The last step is to click on the blue tick button to post it online.

Source: personal screenshot those are the 5 simple steps of how to take photos on Instagram. For references, you may take a look at other pictures or accounts and copy their strategy to have more engagements on your Instagram post.

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