WOW! 5 The Most Watched YouTube Channels with Billions Total Views

What is the most watched youtube channel? Many first-time YouTubers ask this question to find out which channel they can use as a goal or inspiration.

However, we can say that those who stay in the top position of the most watched list are big players.

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They have the total view numbers that you couldn’t believe. Here are the top 5 of the most watched YouTube channels.

5. Like Natsya (69,564,511,087 views)

It is a channel where Natsya and her parents play, sing, and do many fun activities. This channel is famous among parents and kids. And, the audience is not only limited to English-speaking countries but almost all over the world.

4. Sony SAB (71,382,765,894 views)

It is the official channel of Sony SAB; a television broadcast station from India. They upload many clips of their shows here. It has become one of the favorite channels for internet users, especially those from India.

3. SET India (110,905,958,627 views)

Our next channel in the most watched youtube channel list is the official YouTube channel for Sony Entertainment Television of India. This channel has many clips from various shows, especially comedy, from this TV station. However, people also can find other genres here, from thriller, horror, and many more.

2. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes (121,267,995,808 views)

In the second place, we have Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes YouTube channels. This channel provides various videos for educational purposes. All videos in this channel are made for preschool children. Therefore, many parents use this channel to help to have fun with their kids.

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1. T-Series (180,183,315,371 views)

The holder of the top position on our list is T-Series. It is the official channel of India’s largest Music Label & Movie Studio. On this channel, you can watch many music videos from a top musician from India.

There is also a video clip of movies that this company produces. More than that, T-Series is also holding a record as the YouTube channel with the most subscribers, which is 206 million subscribers.

Moreover, their Instagram follower is also unbelievable, which is more than 6 million followers.


Those are the five top positions of the most watched channel on YouTube. The number displayed on their statistics column on their YouTube channel page is proof of how popular those channels are. So, how about you?

Are you also ready to work on your channel and enter our most watched youtube channel list?

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