Why Having 5k Followers on Instagram is a Big Deal

Discuss why having 5k followers on Instagram is a big deal. For people who are not familiar with Instagram, followers might sound very trivial. However, followers count becomes absolutely essential if you manage a business account. A massively followed Instagram account is like a dream for many business owners. In this article, we will investigate the importance of followers. On top of that, we will also discuss why having 5k followers on Instagram is a big deal.

Increase your brand’s trust

If you’re a new business owner, you might want people to know your brand. To increase people’s trust, you must expose your brand to the public. One of many different ways to do that is Instagram. However, since your brand is relatively new, people might still doubt the legitimacy of your brand account. Having a lot of followers will help you achieve that goal.

Having more Instagram followers will make your business more trustworthy. Reliability and authenticity is the key to building a brand on Instagram. For example, if a business account only has a few followers, you might highly doubt their brand. But if an account has a few thousand followers, people might take it seriously.

Help for advertising

One of the reasons for having 5k followers on Instagram is advertising. When you advertise your products, you want people to look at and buy them. Having a lot of followers will ensure your products will be seen by a wider audience. Instagram users like to share and repost anything that they deemed interesting. So, if the release of your product is supported by massive followers, your products might reach an audience beyond your followers.

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One of the most inspiring examples is Rihanna’s beauty product release. Due to the generated hype on social media, her products are sold out after just a few hours. All of this happened due to people sharing and reposting her products all over the place.

Increase your feedback

Feedback is generated due to the customer’s ability to reach you. However, feedback needs to be generated at a high amount to be significant. Having a lot of Instagram followers is the best way to get feedback for your products. As you already know, massive Instagram followers increase your account’s engagement. The more engagement you have, the better you can run your business. So, those are the reasons why having 5k followers on Instagram is a big deal. Having more Instagram followers also means that you will have a better experience of using the platform. As good as it might sound, growing Instagram followers is not an easy task. Fortunately, services such as auto followers are available to give your account a quick follower boost.

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