Discover Easy Things about Instagram Reels

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms. As an active user, you may know the presence of Instagram Reels. Perhaps, some of you have tried this feature of Instagram.

Similar to TikTok, Instagram Reels video enables users to make and share their videos. Instagram stated that you will receive a notification once your real is featured. 

What Instagram Reels Is

Even though Instagram Reels vs TikTok turns to be a popular topic, not all people know what reels are. In simple words, we can say it is a brand new Instagram feature that allows users to create fifteen-second video clips. They can share it with their stories, Explore feed, and the reels tab on their profile.

Key Benefits of Instagram Reels

With the following benefits, you will have the reason to use this short video creation feature. 

Creating Quality Video Content

To try Reels, you should not be an influencer or business owner. The feature is for everyone who wants to create an amazing video. 

With a 15-second Reels duration, you can have a short video by adding popular or on-trending music. You can even add the filter to your content. 

Getting Content on the Explore Page

Having Reels on Instagram is another opportunity to get featured on the Explore page, especially if you have an open Instagram account. It means that more users can see your video.

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Increased Engagement from Followers

Do you know? The algorithm of Instagram is tricky to deal with. Fortunately, you can benefit from a new feature, Reels. 

Instagram does all things to promote Reels, so Instagram will promote your Reels content to more audiences. It seems like a great way to get more engagement.

How to Fix Instagram Reels Not Showing

Even though it can garner more attention all the time, some users may face Reels not showing issues. That’s why it would be better to know more about it before you create and share your great video clips with your followers and even the world. 

  1. Update Instagram App

If you can’t find the Reels option on your Instagram, recheck it. You may need to update this application. The outdated version might be the reason why Reels doesn’t work as it should.

  1. Report the Problem

Let say that you already updated your Instagram application, but it still doesn’t show. If so, the problem is not in the app version or your phone. To fix the issue, why don’t you report the problem?

  1. Sign In and Out Your Instagram Account

Some people have multiple accounts. If you do, try to sign in and sign out of your account. After that, sign in again, so the problem is solved.

  1. Clear Caches

How often do you clear caches? If you are not able to fix the problem after trying a few fixing options, it is time to clear caches of Instagram. The Instagram team of Instagram will fix it soon for you. Thus, you can access the Reels feature. 

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Instagram Reels even offer more benefits to users. If you never use that feature, you can create a video on Reels and enjoy it while increasing your engagement.

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