Easy 3 Reason Why is Buying Followers on TikTok Not Recommended?

Are you considering buying followers on tiktok? It might be your dream to have a lot of followers on TikTok. It can be a big achievement to have a big number of followers but it is not recommended to buy TikTok followers.

Bad Engagement Rate

Before considering buying TikTok followers, you need to ask a question about is buying followers on tiktok works. You might think twice to do this once you know that buying TikTok followers will only ruin your engagement rate. Since the followers are fake, they will not give any likes or comments to your videos. Of course, you can expect them to do Duets with you. There will be a big difference between your followers’ number and your engagement.

Because of that, the TikTok algorithm will see that your content is not worthy for sharing in the ForYou feed. As a result, your opportunity to get organic growth will be ruined as well. Instead of having huge followers, it will be so much better to have real followers even in a smaller number. They will not just sit there without any sound. Your real followers will be obsessed over every single thing you do.

Short-term Friends

There is no rule from TikTok that bans anyone from buying free instagram followers. It is not technically wrong to buy TikTok followers. However, this platform does not want its users to buy followers, of course. No social media platform wants users to buy followers. The main purpose of those platforms is to make real people create and interact with real content.

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The online ecosystem using social media platforms should be fun and community-focused. There is no way the bots or pay-to-play accounts can help to create this ecosystem. That is why your fake followers or bots will be eventually removed. It means that the number of followers you get after buying followers on tiktok will not last long. You may end up buying other friends again and again.

No Impression

Why do you buy TikTok followers? You might want to impress someone. You think that a huge follower number will impress your competitors, fans, or brands you want to work with. The impression will last in the short term only. Fake social users will make people think that your popularity is a scam. They will not trust you anymore. Those fake accounts might be removed by TikTok due to suspicious activity. It will be hard to explain about buying followers on tiktok to a potential client or brand partner.

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