How to Make First Impression With Your Instagram Bio

When people open your Instagram account, what they will see is your bio. What about it? It contains information that describes you as the owner of the account. That is why having a good bio leads to a good impression. Then, how to make a good impression with your Instagram bio? See here in details.

About Instagram Bio

Basically, Instagram bio is like an introduction of you so that people can see and identify who you are. However, that is not all. You can also use the bio to promote your account if your account is a professional account. Moreover, it can be used to gain more followers and reach if you have websites.

Simply put, the bio is what people see for the first time. So, it is crucial to have the bio look good and professional in order to reach those goals.

4 Things You Can Consider to Make Your Bio Stands Out

To create the best version of your Instagram bio, of course there are things you need to do. There are tips you can follow as well as described below.

  • Make Your Name Easy To Remember

Before doing other things, work on your name first. Name is an identifier. The more catchy your name is, the more people will be attracted to you.

First, find a name that really suits you. If you have a personal account, let’s just your own name for the account. However, you should notice that your name should not be too long. You may use your first and last name for instance.

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How about if the account is for business? Then, you can do a little research first to see what names will best identify your business. Moreover, make sure the name is related to the niche or field you are in.

  • Show Off Your Skills and Profession

The next thing on how to make an Instagram profile attractive is by showing off skills and professions.

Public figures or professionals who own an Instagram account mostly show their profession and skills on their bio. To follow that up, you should do just the same to make your profile look professional and catchy.

By adding some skills that make you, you or your beloved passion, it will be more than enough to make people think you are not just nobody. For a personal account, this tip is pretty beneficial.

  • Make Use of Own Branded Hashtags

A branded hashtag is an Instagram hashtag you can personally customize yourself. This hashtag is clickable, which means any post related to this hashtag will be there. By adding a branded hashtag on your bio, it will eventually attract more engagement to visitors.

A branded hashtag is more effective when used to a business account to promote products or services. However, you can also use the hashtag for a personal account as well. There is no limitation to that.

  • Include Some Quotes or Ideas to Beautify Your Bio

Additionally, you may want to use cool Instagram bio ideas in order to attract more viewers or even followers to your account. There are lots of ideas you can find on the internet by just typing the keywords into a search engine.For instance, you can add quotes to fill your bio. Quotes are common things to use to describe yourself in an artistic way. These Instagram bio quotes are also effective when you are not up to show personal information.

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