10 Big Health Insurance Company in Indonesia

Consciously or not, now health services are very much needed, and you can no longer ignore them, especially those that come from the biggest health insurance company in Indonesia. Maybe the services provided are not always complete for most people, but you can check them out!

Many questions arise when talking about the world of health insurance. Insurance basically means guarantee or protection. There are also many insurance services, one of the most popular today is health insurance or health protection.

The insurance company is the party that will provide premiums and ensures that all insurers get health services more efficiently. In every applicable policy, health insurance company in Indonesia will help people who are thinking about the cost of the hospital.

There are 3 main points that are compared, namely economic, social, and legal. Not all insurance parties can operate freely in Indonesia. But before we discuss about health insurance company in Indonesia, we will compare them with BPJS first.

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Health Insurance Company in Indonesia vs BPJS

Talking about health insurance in Indonesia, we cannot ignore the role of the healthcare program, which is presented directly by the government. BPJS operates across Indonesia and has become one of the most extensive national universal health care programs.

With hundreds of users, BPJS provides the needed health services. But the question is whether this program makes you no longer need health insurance? The BPJS program is actually not the same as health insurance Indonesia.

BPJS Kesehatan, for example, they only provide full medical services in Indonesia. So that a number of medical treatments will not get coverage. In other words, there are not many health services that can be utilized with the BPJS Health program here.

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In addition, you can only get coverage from medical centers that work with BPJS. Public hospitals dominate over access to private hospitals. So, we can say that for complete services, health insurance Indonesia is plentiful.

The cost is also indeed cheaper for BOJS users. With a fee of 50,000 to 160,000 IDR per month, the specific amount of this program will be very helpful. Therefore, for those who are looking for a health insurance company, they must consider this BPJS!

List of Health Insurance Companies in Indonesia

You already know that the BPJS program is interesting to follow. But we can say that this is not all you need. There are still other services that will help your performance while using health services from Indonesian health insurance Indonesia companies.

Not that BPJS is not an attractive program, but there are many things that are not standard there, and you need to get other health services. But if you are busy looking for the right insurance company, here is some list of the company:

  1. Sinarmas Insurance
  2. Reliance Live
  3. Avrist
  4. Wana Artha Life
  5. Aswata
  6. Tokio Marine
  7. PT. AIG Insurance
  8. Bupa Medical International
  9. QBE Indonesia
  10. Zurich Insurance Indonesia

Specialized health programs have become the new standard in the global world. Because access to health has become mandatory and needs to be improved again. Even for specific needs, health insurance Indonesia can provide everything you need.

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