How to Change Your Profile Picture on Instagram via Mobile 2021

Personalization is quite crucial when it comes to social media. People mostly spend a lot of their time personalizing their account, especially changing the profile picture, so it looks more attractive and neat. So, how to change your profile picture on Instagram? Here, we are going to discuss it.

Tips to Choose The Best Profile Picture for Your Instagram Profile

Even though a profile picture is a bit off-attention, people can still see it. There are things that you need to notice when choosing the best profile picture. Here is the list as follows.

The image quality

The higher the image quality is, the better the result will be. Therefore, decide which photo has a good or big resolution. Otherwise, your profile picture will be a bit blurry should you choose the image with low resolution.

The angle or focus of your photo

Try to have a good photo that exposes your entire face or body. You may have a selfie or full body pose. This is important so that your friends can identify who you are.

Moreover, the focus of your photo should be considered as well. Since the profile picture is about you, then you are the focus. Make sure the background is not a distraction or too crowded.

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The creativity

Last but not least is the creativity you imbue to the photo. It means you may add filters, accessories like frames, and so on. Just try not to add too much.

Change Your Profile Picture on Instagram with These Simple Steps

Now, it is time for us to take a look at these few simple steps on how to change your profile picture on Instagram 2021. There are actually two ways of doing this, the manual one or by importing from Facebook. Let’s discuss the manual customization!

Step #1: Access Your Instagram Profile

The first thing you need to do is go to your main profile. The way you do this is to tap the icon on the right corner. After you see your profile on your screen, then tap ‘Edit Profile’ to start making a change to your profile picture.

Step #2: Choose Your Favorite Photo

Have you prepared your favorite photo yet? If you have, then select the photo. If not, you may spend your time choosing the best looking photo to be the candidate of your profile picture.

Tap ‘Change Profile Photo’ and then there will be a pop up, you choose ‘New Profile Photo’. After that, you will be redirected to your Gallery.

Step #3: Edit or Customize the Photo to Your Liking

After deciding which photo will become your profile picture, you can make some adjustments first by adding a filter or editing the photo to your liking. Spend your time here and have fun.

Finally, you can hit the highlighted symbol on the picture to upload the photo.

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Step #4: See the Change on Your Profile!

That’s it! You now have finally changed your profile picture. Congratulations! If you don’t like the look of your profile picture, you can delete the photo and start over.

Now, you have understood how to change your profile picture on Instagram. When your friends ask, “Can you change your profile picture on Instagram?”, then you know you have the answer. Remember to use your own original photo to make it easy for people finding you.

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