Simple Steps on How to Create Instagram Filter with Spark AR

Are you interested in using filters but have no idea on how to create Instagram filter? If you love to create something new with Instagram filter features, then why not follow some simple steps below.

Let’s find out how to create Instagram filter effects!

Simple Tutorials to Create Your Filters with Spark AR

Have you ever heard about Spark AR? If you haven’t, then you should know that Spark AR is a great application to help you design Instagram filters. Since it is available for the public, anyone can use this app while exploring their creativity and originality in creating unique and interesting filters. 

Spark AR is recommended to use through computers or laptops. To anyone who wants to find out more on how to create Instagram filters for events, brands and other contents. Let’s start the simple tutorials through the following paragraphs!

Download the Spark AR app

First thing first, you have to download the Spark AR app which is available for both Windows and Mac. After completing the download, install and launch the app and create a new account to start using the app better. 

Get accustomed with the app

The next thing you have to do is to get yourself accustomed with the app and its features. At the beginning after the log-in process, the Spark AR app will provide a brief and useful video on how to operate the app. 

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The tutorial video will lead you to find out how to create Instagram filter quiz, filter preset and many more. So, don’t miss it!

Set up some filter accessories and objects

How to create Instagram filter

To continue, you need to decide on which accessories and objects to add into your filters. In this step, you will see many options about which filter template to choose, such as face decoration filter, background changing filter, face mask filter, color filter and many more. 

Also, don’t forget to relocate the position of the object you use in  your filter. In other words, you may take a look at the 3D animation movements, the effects and others. 

Add music and sound to your Instagram filter

Are you still wondering how to create an Instagram filter with music? In this step, you are not only able to add objects but you also may add music or song into your filter. Put catchy music or trending songs for a more attractive and entertaining filter. Moreover, you can import the music from your library!

Test your Instagram filter

How to create Instagram filter

Before publishing the filter, save the filter file and you can easily test it by sending the file into your Instagram or connecting to a USB cable. 

If you have completed all the steps of how to create the Instagram filter above, then it is time to publish your filter!

You just need to press the upload button on the upper left of the app and wait until it is successfully published.

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