How to Create Instagram Story Ads Like a Pro

Instagram Story is such a good spot to lay engaging content on your social media. Since it can boost the visibility of your brand or business, you better know how to create Instagram Story ads that urge your customers to swipe up.

According to a report from Instagram, 500 million Instagram users use Stories, while one-third of the most viewed content comes from business accounts. So, if you haven’t used your Instagram Business properly, you better start now.

Let’s find out what other things the Instagram Ads Manager can do for your business!

About Instagram Stories ads

Instagram Story ad is part of Instagram Business that allows you to target your ads through the story feature. Unlike the regular Instagram Stories, your ads will still be visible after 24 hours – you are the one who decides on the length and frequency of your ads.

All you need to do is switch to an Instagram Business account to put your ads on Instagram Stories. So, if you wonder “why can’t I promote my Instagram story?” then you might haven’t made your business account yet.

The best part of putting your ads on Instagram Stories is that users don’t need to follow your account to view your campaign. Interesting, right?

How to create Instagram Story ads in 7 steps

There are several steps you must do to run ads on Instagram Stories. Feel free to check some Instagram Story ads examples first.

  1. Find the Ads Manager and click “Create”. This will take you to “Quick Creation”. You can choose “Guided Creation” if you want to customize the template.
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  1. After that, you will see some options of marketing objectives, such as “Traffic”, “Lead Generation”, “App Installs”, “Conversions”, “Video Views”, “Conversions”, “Reach”, and “Brand Awareness”. You must choose one.
  1. Next, you will find the Placements section. You can pick between “Automatic Placements” or “Manual Placements”.
  1. After that, Instagram will ask you to set your budget and schedule for your ads.
  1. The next step is choosing between “Carousel” or “Single Image or Video” for the ads’ format.
  1. Later, you must add images or videos (or both) for the ad and then complete all details needed, such as description and headline.

If you prefer something simpler, feel free to use the Instagram story ad template. The template helps you transform all images automatically to your ad, along with the movement to catch your ideal customers.

  1. Once everything is set, you can proceed and finish the process by clicking “Confirm”.

What do people want to see in Instagram Stories ads?

According to some surveys, 50% of Instagram users prefer image-based ads that highlight product shots. Meanwhile, 31% of them prefer video-based ad campaigns. Also, the majority of them don’t care whether or not the ad includes discounts or coupons.

It seems like Instagram users prefer visually appealing content that highlights the benefits of a product. Of course, this conclusion may vary, depending on the targeted audience, industry, and message you want to deliver.

When it comes to the best practice of how to create Instagram Story ads, it is important that you understand your audience better than anyone else. Also, feel free to conduct A/B tests to find out the best strategy for your brand.

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