How to Download or Save IG Stories for Mobile Devices

When you see some interesting IG stories, such as recipes, animation, quick tutorials, or anything that catches your attention, you may ever wonder how to download or save IG stories? If you can’t find any helpful ways, this is the right article for you to read until the end. Continue to the brief explanation below!

4 Helpful Ways How to Download or Save IG Stories via Mobile Devices

If you want to keep any IG stories quickly and easily on your mobile devices, then you need to follow the simple tutorials below on how to download IG stories from others. These 4 tips are very easy to operate. Moreover, some of them don’t include any installation process of additional apps. 

Take Screenshot

Sometimes, some IG users share important information, movie posters, aesthetic wallpaper, or any others through IG stories. If you want to save the picture you may use the feature on your mobile device which is a screenshot. 

Each phone has different ways of taking screenshots. As a result, ensure to find out how to do one using your phone and save the picture in an instant into your gallery. 

Download IG story via Online Website

The most common way of downloading other people’s IG story is through online websites. To begin, open the supported browser on your mobile device, such as Chrome. Then, you may type on the search engine with the keyword “download IG stories” or directly go to the website address

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Source: personal screenshot

When you are directed to the homepage of StorySaver, type the username of IG stories you want to download. Then, complete the captcha check process and click on the Download button. Later, you will see current stories of photos and videos that you may download. 

Download IG Stories with Screen Recorder

Each phone offers various features that could ease the user to use the phone for any kind of necessities. One of the most useful features is the screen recording feature. You may use this feature to start recording what your phone screen shows including the IG stories.

However, how to download other people’s IG stories if your phone doesn’t support the screen recording feature? Now, you can download the screen recording app available free from the playstore. 

Once it is installed on your mobile phone, you can use it for recording anything including the IG story videos. 

Install IG Stories Download App

Last but not least, the last method of how to download IG story videos you should try is by installing an additional app to download others’ IG stories. Now, check out some recommended apps to download IG stories listed below.


It doesn’t require lots of phone memory to download and it is very easy to operate. 

Repost for Instagram

Having more than 4.5 stars reviews, this app is a great choice for downloading IG stories. Now, no need to wonder how to download or save IG stories for mobile devices as you can immediately try any of the simple tips written above.

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