How to Get Followers on Instagram 2021 with These 5 Tips

In this digital era, there are many options when it comes to social media. If you love to benefit from Instagram, you may wonder how to get followers on Instagram. Instagram is a large social media platform, where you can share photos and tell your story.

Now, Instagram users can create a short amazing video with the Instagram Reels feature. It may look like Tiktok, but you will like it. When it comes to getting more followers, find out how to get followers on Instagram in 5 minutes.

Does it sound impossible? It is possible, but many people tend to use an instant way like buying followers or using the bot. Here is a list of how to get followers on Instagram 2021 for real.

Set Your Goals

Before stepping into how to get followers on Instagram without following, determine your goals. Even though you get many Instagram followers, nothing can guarantee they will leave or unfollow you.

If you already have goals, you will always have good posting ideas. Below are common goals of using Instagram.

  • Increasing traffic on a website
  • Making money by becoming a celebrity on Instagram or influencer
  • Sales increase
  • Sharing information

Avoid random contents or posts because it makes people can’t find the value and reason to follow you. Strategic content is more likely to attract followers. It helps you to reach your goals.

Define Target Audiences

First off, collect a few questions, where the answers will help you craft the right Instagram content type. It means that you will have more chances to reach more people who will follow you. Consider the following question when determining the audience.

  • Age of audiences
  • Where they live
  • What they do or what their job
  • When and how they use Instagram
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By determining the audience, you will be able to focus on their needs. Thus, you can consistently deliver the contents which meet their desire and needs. It keeps them following you for the long term. 

Use Pictures to Tell Your Story

Another tip of how to get followers on Instagram without paying is by using the pictures. Use pictures that bring a personal touch. Match photos and the goal of your post to tell followers a visual story that will convey your message. 

Post Your Contents Consistently

If you ask how to get followers on Instagram for free, here is the answer. Consistency counts on Instagram although it may sound obvious. Fill the feeds of followers with new yet fresh content. A good thing to start is making a point to publish, and get ready with incredible increasing followers.

The more content you publish, the more opportunities you have to be found and to be shared. However, never forget how quality is as important as the quantity of your Instagram content or post.

Use Relevant Hashtags

Instagram users spread all around the world. To be able to reach new users, use relevant hashtags. Text of the Instagram post is not searchable, but the hashtag does appear in the search. You will like how the use of relevant hashtags leads to more Instagram followers.

With tips and ideas on how to get followers on Instagram above, getting more followers is possible. However, it may take time, so keep posting quality content with relevant keywords and hashtags. It will be better if you never think about buying followers for instant results.

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