Guarantee Simple 5 Ways How to Get More Engagement on Instagram

Are you still questioning how to get more engagement on Instagram? Find out the answers below by following some recommended solutions to increase the engagement rates.

The Important Strategies to Increase the Engagement in Instagram

What is the purpose of your Instagram account? Is it for expanding your business or as the media to share your hobbies and daily activities? Whatever the purpose is, most instagram users would be pleased if they could understand how to get more engagement on Instagram stories.

Today, Instagram has launched more features to boost engagement rates. Here are the six best strategies to solve the problem of “how do I increase my engagement on Instagram”.

Ensure to make use of all features effectively

Instagram is the right place to look for engagement since it is launched with lots of incredible features, such as stories, reels, lives, posts, IGTVs and many more. Instagram reels is one of the brand new features available to use on Instagram.

So, how to get more engagement on Instagram reels? The answer is to be creative, brief and don’t forget to share the reels on feed. In addition, the more you use all features effectively, the more likely your Instagram account to have high rates of engagement. 

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Consider to create a post at the best timing

Do you use Instagram to post anything related to art as a hobby or even as your occupation as an artist? Hence, do you still wonder about how to get more engagement on Instagram as an artist? One of the best strategies you should follow is to create a post at the best timing.

Above all, you may use an analytics tool to find out when your followers’ most active time on Instagram is.  It will surely help you to engage better than without having any scheduled post at the best timing. 

Carousel post to engage more with many people

How to get more engagement on Instagram

Interactions through comments and shares would also affect the engagement rates. Therefore, why not try to create a carousel post which allows you to upload up to 10 pictures in a single post? Most importantly, it is one of the best ways for your followers to explore more about the details of your content.

If you are into business, you may include more detailed pictures of each product.  If you are an artist, provide some behind the scenes moments to have more interactions with your followers. 

Update the Stories regularly

Next, some users tend to see Stories more often rather than to scroll through the timeline feeds. As a result, Instagram Stories is a great feature to promote your content briefly and more effectively to many audiences.

Use this Instagram Stories strategy to upload the sneak-peak of your upcoming products or contents. Moreover, you may also use the poll or voting features for more interactions with the audiences through Instagram Stories. 

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Be consistent!

Last but not least, ensure to keep the consistency of updating each of your account’s features regularly with entertaining and creative contents. As a result, there is no need to worry anymore about how to get more engagement on Instagram.

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