How to Get More Likes on Instagram For Free

It is undeniable, social media is a way to fame and to reach the coffers of wealth for many people today. Whether to increase the engagement rate or just want to be recognized for your existence, the number of likes can greatly affect your goals. So, how to get more likes on Instagram?

It’s not easy to do this especially if you’re not a celebrity or influence, but still there are ways to outsmart it. Check out the tips here.

  1. Share High-Quality Image Only

It is important to pay attention to the quality of the images you upload. If it’s too blurry, dark, or grainy, it’s likely to be disliked by others.  There’s nothing wrong with learning a few photography techniques, such as finding places with lots of light when shooting and image composition techniques.

Or use photo editing software, as long as you don’t over-edit. The first thing on how to get more likes on Instagram for free is to focus on the quality of posts, especially images. You do have to make an effort for this, including upgrading your camera if needed.

  1. Write a Catchy Caption

How to get more likes on Instagram posts is to combine the right picture with the perfect caption. Writing clearly requires special skills and you can really do it if you want. Make the caption catchy, engaging, and full of value.

Include elements of entertainment, education, and inspiration in your writing. Tell a story, write a statement, question, or tips and tricks that will inspire or provoke emotion.

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This will make the audience hooked, inspired, or nostalgic. They may even leave comments or questions, which means you have successfully engaged your audience in your post.

  1. Use Relevant Hashtags

This is how to get more likes on Instagram for business, or for those who are just looking for fame. Indeed, hashtags are the main weapon for marketers to get a large number of likes on Instagram. Even so, you should not carelessly use hashtags.

Reporting from Hootsuite, make sure the hashtags used match the posts. And the effective number of hashtags to get lots of likes is 30. Using the right hashtags can help your profile or business be found quickly, but that doesn’t mean you can do spam tagging. 

Learn the strategy. It’s also okay to follow current trends, as long as it matches your profile image.

  1. Tag Relevant Accounts

You can tag brand accounts or famous people in your posts. This is an important tips on how to get more likes on Instagram. However, keep in mind, the tags provided are accounts that have relevance to your post. 

For example, you post pictures of food or fashion for the purpose of promoting your business. Well, you can tag the OOTD fashion brand you’re wearing, or a culinary account that is famous in your city or an influencer food vlogger account.

  1. Publish at The Best Hour

If you’ve done all the tips above, it’s time to think about when to post them. Making posts in the hours that people usually open social media is the last tip on how to get more likes on Instagram organically. 

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Analyze and research in advance the hours when your post gets the most engagement from the audience. Make this an option to schedule posts on Instagram.

Getting more likes on Instagram can help your brand grow and reach a wider audience. After all, this is social media, so a big part of achieving success is being social. We hope these tips on how to get more likes on Instagram can make your business successful or make you a loved influencer.

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