Guarantee Tricks How to Get More Views on Instagram

Instagram was one of the most used social media with a lot of users around the world. Many people usually use this platform to engage and connect with more audiences than ever. Since there are a lot of benefits you can get when more people see your content, how to get more views on Instagram.

Get More Views on Stories

Like on Snapchat, Instagram also gives a feature called Instagram Stories to share videos or photos. This feature can be the easiest media to create authentic content and reach more people. Let’s take a look at how to get more views on Instagram Stories:

1. Use Location and Hashtags

Firstly, one thing that can make you reach more views is using some stickers to show location and hashtags. IGS will show some content with the same hashtags on the explorer. Therefore, it can boost up your viewers. 

With Hashtags, you can easily reach others who do not follow you. It will be better to find the right hashtags that are relevant to your content rather than picking them randomly. At the same time, make sure you also add the most popular hashtags to your stories. 

2. Interact with Followers

Another way to get more views is by using your followers to help you promote your brands. You can attract them by giving them some interactive stickers like a question sticker or polls. 

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When you interact with them, some people might tend to repost your answer. As a result, it will be a free promotion and you will get Instagram Story views free. 

3. Post Consistently

The last thing to boost views on IGS is you should make your content consistent. It is very important because if you look inactive for a while, some people might unfollow you. 

Do a little research to see which time you get the highest viewers while uploading new content. After that, create a schedule and then just keep it.

How to Get More Views on Videos and Posts

As we all know, Instagram is a social media that puts visual content as the most important thing above all. Now here is the trick how to get more views on Instagram videos and posts:

1. Post High-Quality Contents 

Even though there are some updates, Instagram visual contents like short videos and photos are still the core of this app. 

Firstly, Make sure you use aesthetic content so people will pay attention to your account. 

2. Utilize with Hashtags

Like before, Instagram also has special spaces for content that uses the same hashtags. You can use this feature as an opportunity to reach more non-followers.

While using a hashtag, you can create brand awareness and also boost up engagement. As a result, your view will be increasing.

3. Focus on the Audience

Instagram gives some useful features to show the insight of your profile. It will show some useful data that can help while making a strategy to get more views.

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You can see the data of your audience like their genders, demographics, and age range. Also, you can see the insight to set when is the right time to post your content. 

These are some special tricks on how to get more views on Instagram that might fit you. above all, creating a unique profile is more important than anything else so you need to find your own.

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