How to Get Swipe Up on Instagram without 10k Followers

Having a Swipe Up feature in Instagram is really beneficial for business owners and influencers. It helps promote your product or service that people can easily access. Unfortunately, currently this function is limited to accounts with 10k followers. Don’t worry, here’s a trick on how to get swipe up on instagram without 10k followers. Check it out!

What is Instagram Swipe Up

Swipe Up is a unique feature that allows us to put a link in our Instagram stories. Viewers can interact with the link and visit it by swiping up the stories screen.

It is usually linked to sites, marketplaces, or a contact info link that potential customers can use to make a purchase. 

With this Swipe Up feature, your audiences would not need to type the url address out and can instead visit your website directly by swiping their finger.

Various marketing researches has shown that easier access to our stores can boost the sales and increase organic traffic to our media. How to Get Swipe Up on Instagram without 10k Followers.

Currently, Swipe Up features are only available to select few. If you are a small account and just recently started using Instagram, you are unable to use this feature. But, do not worry there is a hack on how to get swipe up on instagram without 10k followers.

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Trick 1: Attract to DM

There are various tricks to promote your site link without having the feature. One of them is by attracting your customers to direct messages (DM). After making Insta Stories, you can urge potential customers to message you for the link. Because there is a messaging button on Stories, it will not take much effort for them to contact you. How to Get Swipe Up on Instagram without 10k Followers 

Trick 2: Use Polling and Direct Messages Them

Sometimes, the potential customers are the reluctant type. For this, you can instead use voting methods to find out which one of your Insta Stories viewers is interested in the web address.

Poll results are available to you. And instead of waiting, you can approach these customers. It is useful to gain meaningful contacts and interactions with the communities. 

Trick 3: Use Insta Story Chat Sticker

If your followers base is huge and you are tight on the time, another option is using a message me sticker in Instagram Stories. 

This method is really useful because you can make group conversations consisting of up to 31 persons in it.

This way, you won’t have to chat one by one and can share the url in the group messaging instead.

It’s easy to do. You just need to open your IG Stories and make a new one. Browse the sticker collection and choose the “Chat” sticker. You can put it on your Stories with instructions for customers to click on the stickers. 

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Afterward, a group chat will be automatically generated. Change the setting and check off the box “Approval Required to Join”. Voila, your group messaging is ready to use.

Trick 4: By Utilizing IGTV 

The next trick is by utilizing IGTV. Instagram TV has a function that allows you to put a clickable address on its caption. Attach the post to your Insta Stories to gain more viewers. 

Step on adding Instagram Swipe Up feature start by making a video in Instagram TV. After that, insert a pointer to your caption and an instruction text to open it. In the caption column, write your website address and submit it. 

Attach it to Stories by opening the “Link” button in the Story screen. Choose the video containing the link and it will be available on your page.

Those are tips on how to get swipe up on instagram without 10k followers. It’s not hard, right? Try these features and gain your customers right now.

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