How to Made Great Looks Template Stories in Instagram

As an application that largely relied on visuals, aesthetics are important stuff in Instagram. Many users and business accounts tried to present visually pleasing feeds and Instastories to attract attention in the middle of millions of images and story posted to the sites everyday. how to made great looks template stories in Instagram? We will discuss it below.

The Need of Aesthetic IG Story

The principle of Instastories is continuously swiping till infinite. Amidst the countless stories from your following, swiping and swiping can get a bit boring. 

But, stumbling across a well-designed IG story might be a refreshing breath of air. It will catch more attention and be remembered by people. That is why everyone agrees having an aesthetic IG story is a good thing. 

It is also a kind of trend at this moment, where the cooler and trendy youth tend to decorate their IG stories so it will not look bland. Having an aesthetic IG story will show to your followers how you have good taste and a sense of art. From the majority of teenagers, big influencers, millennials, to various brands; everyone likes making pretty IG stories.

So, How to Made Great Looks Template Stories in Instagram

The current trend of aesthetically pleasing Instastories lately are the minimalist kind. You can look up various interesting designs on the internet as your inspirations. Find Instagram story design template in Pinterest. Of course it will take time figuring out how those designs work with your IG stories.

Most importantly, have a good photo with good resolution for your Stories. Even if you decorate it as hard as you can, photos or videos with bad resolution and bad angles won’t do your Stories any justice. You can touch it up with some filters but do not overdone it. 

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You can collage several pictures or just use one picture. Use monochrome or solid color background to accentuate the photos. Add text and design elements like geometrical shapes or lines. For minimalist Instagram story design ideas, you don’t need to make your stories too crowded. 

Easier Way: Use Template!

Of course if you only want to pursue this aesthetic IG Stories casually, there is an easier way. Which is using various apps specialized to make Instastory templates. Usually, they already provide the background and the layout arrangement. So you just need to input your photo and the text you want to add. Very simple, right?

Example for Instagram story template app? The apps you can use, for example, are Unfold, Canva, Easil, Over, HypeType, and many more. The most popular between those are Unfold and Canva. 

Unfold usually provides templates with a cleaner and more minimalist look for you who like that kind of aesthetic. While Canva covers a wider range of templates from pastel cute, funky, to cool modern one. 

If you prefer posting videos to your Instastories, apps like Mojo and Magisto are also some great options. You can add various layouts of texts and even trim your videos to make them more presentable.

Basically, most of these apps have a good and easy to navigate interface. So you won’t have difficulty using the app. You just need to open your preexisting images or videos and choose whichever template to your liking. Edit and add personal touch to the template, like adding quotes or cropping the pictures. After that, click save to the device or directly post it to your stories.

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So that’s the gist of it. After reading how to made great looks template stories in Instagram, I’m sure you’re now convinced achieving aesthetic IG stories isn’t as hard anymore. Go download those amazing apps and make your Instagram looks classy and visually pretty!

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