How To Make Highlight Instagram 2021

Instagram story is one of the fitur in this social media platform to share a lot of stories in your life. The user can share their daily activities, information, quotes, pictures, videos, and many other things. To save that collection story you can use highlight instagram.

The Function of Highlight Instagram

Instagram stories is the most favourite fitur in this platform that creates more engagement than instagram feed. But, this fitur is only available for only 24 hours and can’t be there for a long time like the feed.

However, don’t worry as you can save your story collection through highlight instagram that can be seen by many people who are checking your profile. You can divide the story based on categories that you want, so it makes it easy for people to see the story for each topic.

The story that can only be available for 24 hours, now can be saved forever. You can save all the stories or just save the most important stories that you want. The instagram profile looks neater as it can be saved based on topics. As we know that making a story is sometimes just as random as you want, but you can arrange nicely using highlight instagram stories.

How To Make Highlight in Instagram

It is very easy to make highlights on instagram. You can follow below steps:

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1. The New Story

  • Open instagram application
  • Slide the main screen to the right side
  • Choose the story that you want to be shared
  • After posted, open the stories and press profile picture
  • Choose highlight that is available in the bottom of story
  • Create the title that you want for the highlight
  • Press Add and choose Done
  • The highlight story is available in your instagram profile now

2. The Old Story

  • Click profile picture to open the story
  • Find the story that you want to be highlighted
  • Click highlight on the bottom part
  • Create the title
  • Click Add and Done

3. Story That Has Been Archived

Before you make the highlight instagram of that story, just ensure you already save all the stories through the auto archive feature.

You can click Menu →  Settings →  Privacy →  Storyactivate Save story to archive

  • Enter the profile page on your instagram
  • Choose Menu with the three lines icon
  • Then Archive
  • Choose Stories Archive
  • Search and choose the story that you want to be saved on the highlight
  • Click Highlight
  • Create title
  • Click Add

After doing those steps, then the story that you have posted a long time ago will be available on the highlight instagram of your profile.

Making highlight instagram is very useful to manage the content as long as the story that you have posted is still available. In this fitur you can also add, delete, and collect the similar content in the same topics. It saves many interesting content that might be useful for your followers.

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Seeing the highlight instagram based on topics also makes it easy to see the memories or some important information without scrolling all the stories posted. In the meantime, you can also make the cover of highlight with the icon or any picture that you want.

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