How to make Music Feature in Instagram Posts, Stories, and Reels

Aiming popularity in the stream of interesting social media apps forced Instagram to be more competitive. Deciding to incorporate music features is their solution. How to make music feature in Instagram posts, reels, and stories? Read it here.

Attaching Music on IG

In recent years, Instagram started to introduce more innovations to their app. Namely Instastory and Reels. Aside from normal feeds, these two features are favorite for the youngster expressing thoughts and sharing their daily lives. These features are also used by business accounts to reach a wider audience.

Not just images and videos, now you can also share music on Instagram. You can edit your picture or videos and add a soundtrack in the background. With this, you can share a song you like or the one that currently fits your mood.

Unfortunately, built-in song features are only available on Instastory and Reels. If you prefer to add it in your post you must use the help of a third party app. No worries, we will explain it all below.

Song in Instastory

How to add music in Instagram stories? To add a track on your Instastory, it is very easy. You just need to prepare the story you want to post, be it pictures or videos. Hit the sticker option and scroll until you see “Music” sticker. 

Add it to your post and you will be brought to the IG song collection. The limit you can attach to your Instastory post is fifteen seconds.

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You can select from an unlimited amount of songs provided by Instagram if your account is a regular user. But if you’re using a business account, it will be limited to a select few to avoid copyright issues.

To those who prefer including the song before recording, just swipe the record option in the lower page of Instastory interface. You’ll meet the music logo and your IG story music is set to go.

Adding Music to Reels

Similar to Instastory, Reels also has a built in music feature. Because it is a feature that tries to emulate Snapchat’s and Tiktok success, the song features are already there from the beginning. How to make Music Feature in Instagram Posts, Stories, and Reels.

To use it, click the + button to open the Reels interface. Find the music logo on the left side bars and choose any track you want. After that you can record your Reels video as usual.

Attaching Song to IG Post

If you want to know how to add music to Instagram video post, the steps are a bit longer. Because, we need to use third party app to merge the song with our videos. No built in feature from IG itself. Even when you tried to save Instastory with music, it will be saved to your device without the music.

Apps you can use for merging songs to your videos for example are Inshot, Lomotif, Videoshop, and Quik. The command of those applications are user friendly so you will not have a hard time trying to get used to it.

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For example, using Quik. First you just need to record a new video or open a preexisting one. Tab the Sounds menu and select a song of your choice.  You can edit the music to fit your video.

Sharing Music from Spotify

The last way to share a favorite music to your followers is by using the Spotify feature. If you choose to share, the track will be shown on your Instastory and your follower can click it to listen.

How? First, open the song you want to share on Spotify. You will see three dots in the upper corner of your Spotify. Click it and scroll until you find the “Share in Instagram ” option. Make Music Feature in Instagram Posts, Stories, and Reels.

Those are how to make music feature in Instagram posts, reels, and stories. We hope this guide can be helpful to make your Instagram experience more exciting . How to make Music Feature in Instagram Posts, Stories, and Reels

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