What You Can Do to Recover An Instagram Account

Many people often have problems with their instagram account such as it is disabled or hacked and not knowing how to recover it. In fact, there are many ways to retrieve disabled or hacked instagram accounts easily. Read more to get to know how to recover an instagram account!

As we know, instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms that is used by millions of people in the world. Losing your instagram account and cannot login is such a big deal.

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That is why you must understand the instagram’s policies so that you can avoid things that can interfere with the access to your instagram account. Here are some problems that are often found and how to recover an instagram account.

1. How to Recover an Instagram Account Password

Email and password are the main keys to access any social media platform including instagram. Even though there are still many people who often forget these things, they can not login into their instagram account.

Thus, what should you do if you forget them? Forgetting passwords is a common problem since the password now has to contain different words and numbers. If you cannot remember the password of your instagram account, you can reset it.

Follow these instructions to recover an instagram account password!

  • Instagram for android:
  • Click Get help sign in on the first page. It is on the login screen under login.
  • Enter your username, email, or phone number, or tap Login using Facebook.
  • Tap Next, and follow the instructions you read on the screen.
  • Instagram for iOS:
  • Click the choice forgot password. It is above login.
  • Fill your Username or Phone.
  • After that, fill it with your email address, username or phone number
  • Then tap Next
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2. How to Recover Instagram Account with Phone Number

The other way to get back your instagram account is by using a phone number. If you lose access to the email or phone number which you used to sign up for Instagram, you can try to regain access to that email or phone number, or update your profile with new account information.

Unfortunately, if you cannot access the email account that was used when you signed up and do not link your Instagram and Facebook accounts, Instagram can not grant you access to this account.

Thus, you must ensure that you keep your email, phone number, username, and password well. These are points to get the instagram account back if it is lost, disabled, or hacked.

3. How to Recover Instagram Account Hacked

An instagram account can also be hacked. If you think your instagram account has been hacked or taken over by somebody, there are several actions you can take to get back your account.

You usually will receive notification from email if there is something suspicious about your instagram account.

Some of the following recovery steps can be used to solve the problem. Nevertheless, some of them may not work depending on the type of account you want to create, but instagram’s policy recommends you to try them all.

  • Checking email instagram account for messages from Instagram
  • Request login link from Instagram 
  • Request security code or support from Instagram
  • Verify your identity

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