Be Proactive, Here’s How to Secure Your Instagram Account 2021

Instagram has become a necessity for more than 1 billion users , judging by the frequency with which they access it. With the increasing security risks in today’s cyberspace, you need to know how to secure your Instagram account.

Basically, this social media has a good security system. Bad people can only do hacking if they have the private information, such as email, phone number, or password. However, there are many ways for hackers to steal that data. 

For instance, a weak and cliche password, the same usage code for various accounts, and so on.

So here are some steps on how to secure your Instagram account 2021.

how to secure your Instagram account

1. Use Instagram’s newest feature “Secure Your Account”

Last month, Instagram introduced its new feature to verify the authenticity of the user and improve the security of their accounts. This is how it works. So, when you get into your IG, a pop notification will appear if Instagram thinks this account has shown suspicious activity. 

This can help give users the opportunity to perform security checks. The steps taken include check log in activities, review the information on the profile, confirming the account, and do update on the contact information, for account recovery needed.

Released from the official Instagram website, it was created as the safest preventive measure to raise the safety level. However, the previous ways to secure your Instagram account 2021 are still highly recommended

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2. Use the Two-Factor Authentication Feature

This measure has been campaigned for the last few years and effectively has proven. It’s quite good for giving a defense gate from hackers. You must verify identity via security code. 

With this way of securing your Instagram account, if you log in from another device than you usually use, then you’ll be asked for confirmation on the matter. Generally, they will send you a unique code and ask you to confirm whether you are actually the real owner of the account

3. Update Your Email Address and Contact

You must immediately update the personal number or email, especially if you changed it recently. This is very important, so Instagram can contact you when it detects suspicious things on your account. This method is also effective for recovering accounts when hackers have changed your important information.

4. Ignore DM from Instagram.

Why? Because, according to the official release, they have never sent a DM. Lately, there has been an increase in fraud accounts sending DMs to random users , to request access to personal information such as passwords. 

They might give you a reason if the account you’re holding is about to get blocked for violation of policy. These DMS are often scams because if Instagram wants to contact you about an account via email from Instagram. 

Report it immediately if you experience this or visit the Instagram Help Center.Those are some steps on how to secure your Instagram account. In addition to the methods above, you can also practice creating strong passwords and changing them regularly to avoid hacking by others.

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