Important Thing to Know about How to Take Story on Instagram

How To Take Story On Instagram

Once you start using Instagram, ensure to learn some important things about how to take a story on Instagram, particularly the Instagram story features. Not only posting pictures, but you can also interact more with other users through Instagram polling. 

Besides, you can also promote your post or other’s posts into your story. Last but not least, you can also learn how to take down a story from the paragraphs below. Let’s learn these 4 quick tutorials that would be useful to apply to your Instagram story!

Use the Instagram Story Features

To have a cooler and fun story, ensure to use the proper Instagram story feature that you can find at the left side of the story. Some of the common  ones are the Boomerang effect, Hands-free, Create, Multi-capture and many more!

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How to take poll on Instagram story

Ever seen someone share an Instagram story using a poll? If you want to learn how to take a poll on story, ensure to choose the “Create” feature that you can find at the left side of the story page. After that, swipe the option until it brings you to the “Quiz” option. 

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Click on the text to edit and fill in the options. Click next and you’ll have a poll posted on your Instagram story. 

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How to take a post and put it on IG story

Do you want to promote a picture or art created by your friends? Or do you want to share the latest post on your account? Therefore, you should learn how to take a post and put it on a story. 

First, find the post you want to share. Click on the paper plane button and choose the “Share on your story” option. Before posting it, you are able to put more features on it, such as stickers, text, tagging friends and many more. 

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How to Take Down A Story on Instagram

If you feel like you want to change or delete the story before it disappears, you need to learn this easy tutorial of how to take it down. 

As mentioned before, it is so easy since you just need to open the story you want to delete. After that, click on the three-dot option at the right bottom. Select the “Delete photo” option and the story will be taken down!

There are many more features and important things you should know about. The tutorials above are only a few of the tutorials you have to learn. Hopefully, these tutorials will help you in the future!

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