Introducing Instagram Growth Tools - Followers, a free app that works as a powerful system to boost your Instagram account's follower count. By using this tool, you can effortlessly increase the number of followers on your Instagram profile, resulting in a substantial following.

Having a large number of followers on your Instagram account not only increases trust in your account but also enhances its value, including the potential for endorsement opportunities.

Our tools are crafted with utmost security measures, ensuring a high level of safety. Therefore, you can use them with complete peace of mind. Rest assured, your safety is our top priority. offers a range of Instagram growth services, including free tools for increasing Instagram followers and likes. The Instagram followers obtained through these tools encompass a mix of real organic followers and fake followers, all acquired randomly.

Here are some ways to use the free Instagram follower boosting tools on

Step 1 :

Go to the homepage of or the Instagram growth tools page. On your home menu, you can find the "Get Now Free" button.

Step 2:

After you click on "Get Free Now," you will be directed to the Instagram login page. Please log in using your Instagram account, which is 100% safe, or use a second Instagram account.

Step 3 :

After successfully logging in, you will enter the Instagram Growth Tools page. On this page, there are 2 tools available for you to use: "Get Free Instagram Followers" and "Get Free Instagram Likes." Choose according to your needs and click the "Enter" button.

Step 4 :

After obtaining the tools and clicking "Enter," you will be directed to a page like the one shown in the image below. On this menu, input the Instagram username of your target, for whom you want to increase the followers.


If you choose the Instagram Likes tool, please fill in the URL of the Instagram post that you want to receive likes on. For example::

Step 5 :

The next step after entering the target username and clicking "Submit" is that a preview will appear, as shown in the image below:


Click the "Submit" button and wait until the process is complete. You will receive a success notification, as shown in the image below:


Congratulations, the addition of followers to your Instagram account is successful, and you can repeat the process every 1 hour.

Don't forget to share our tools with your relatives, friends, partners, business associates, or even your affair.

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