The Quick Tutorials of How to Use Filter on Instagram

Have you found out how to use filter on Instagram Story, Live or Reels? Filter is one of Instagram’s interesting features. Many people find out that filters are able to provide perfect and better results into whatever we share on Instagram.

4 Ways How to use Filter on Instagram

Instagram filters can be used for numeral purposes. Here, you will learn how to use filters on Instagram Reels, Story, Live and Video Call. 

Now, prepare your phone, make sure to install and open the Instagram app. Then, log in to your account if you haven’t. After that, you could directly follow some easy steps below.

Adding Filters on Instagram Reels

Reels is one of the latest features updated by Instagram and now has been used a lot by many users. If you want to make your own reels with interesting and cool filters, here is the step-by-step that you should read until the end. 

  1. Go to your Instagram timeline and swipe the screen to the right for a quick access.
  2. Then, below the capture button, there is the word “Story”. To create Reels, ensure to swipe the capture button until the word changes into “Reels”.
  3. Reels should be in a form of video, so record your video and start adding filters by clicking on the star-like button at the left side of the screen.
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Source: personal screenshot

  1. From there, you can find the saved filter but if you haven’t saved any, feel free to swipe and use the provided filters. 
  2. Besides, you may swipe on the “Reels” tab or feel free to find the filters you like the most through the search bar on the very left of the tab menu. 
  3. Apply the selected filter and have a preview before posting it!

Source: personal screenshot

Adding Filter on Instagram Story

To add filters to  Instagram Story, the process is pretty similar to the previous steps. After swiping the screen, ensure to choose the “Story” option at the bottom of the capture button and swipe to the right to select your most favorite filter!

Source: personal screenshot

Adding Filter on Instagram Live

Do you want to try doing an Insta Live but have no idea how to use filters on Instagram Live? Do exactly the same thing like the quick tutorial above and ensure to choose the option “Live” at the bottom of the capture button before browsing for the filters to use.

Adding Filter on Instagram Video Call 

Ready to do Video Call with friends through Instagram DM? This is how to use filters on Instagram Video Call.

At the bottom right of the screen, click on the star-like option and you’ll see many available filters to use while having Video Call. Choose one to apply and have fun!

Source: personal screenshot is never too late to learn how to use filters in Instagram Story, Live and many more. Once you follow the easy and quick tutorials of how to use filters on Instagram above, you can do more fun things with friends or family by using lots of cool filters on Instagram.

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