5 Smart Ideas to Increase Your Instagram Engagement Quickly

Nothing to doubt that Instagram is a popular social media. Fortunately, you can benefit from it to grow your business. However, you must know how to increase your Instagram engagement quickly. 

Make sure that you already set a goal before starting any strategy to increase engagement of your IG.

Instagram measures engagement from likes, shares, and comments from consumers of 4.21%. For your information, the data shows it is more than fifty times higher than Pinterest. Aside from that, it’s also higher than Facebook and Twitter.

What Instagram Engagement Is and Why It Is Important

So, what do you expect from Instagram engagement hacks? First thing first, get to know what Instagram engagement is. Simply put, it refers to how Instagram users interact with your post on IG.

You will need Instagram engagement tips, tricks, and strategies only if you know why it is important. Believe that Instagram engagement is the key to success on Instagram. 

increase your Instagram engagement quickly

Here are smart ideas for those who still ask about how to increase engagement on Instagram 2021. If you need it, then you can consider and learn it. Ensure that you will make no mistake in implementing it.

Create Only Valuable Content

When it comes to engagement on Instagram, saves, and shares are the two most valuable things you can get. To get both, you must create valuable content that can attract more and more people to interact with you. Thus, they will like, comment, and share your content.

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Understand the Algorithm of Instagram

Understanding how the Instagram algorithm works will help figure out how to increase reach on Instagram 2021. Here are key factors to keep in mind when you start to learn the Instagram algorithm.

  • Interest: how much IG predicates you care about the contents or posts
  • Timeliness: how recent your posts are
  • Relationship: how you interact with followers or other IG users who comment on each post of your Instagram
  • Frequency: how often IG users open Instagram
  • Usage: how long users spend time on Instagram
  • Following: contents from following of your IG account

Post Your Content Consistently

You want to reach potential customers through Instagram, right? If you simply answer yes, prepare tons of ideas because you will need to post content consistently.

Use Hashtag and Location Tags

If you already determine the time to post your IG content, don’t forget or skip the use of hashtags and location tags. Why so? They both can make your post or content highly searchable. Add this to a list of your Instagram engagement strategy.

Benefit from Instagram Ads

Since your IG account is used for business purposes, promote existing pages of your IG with Instagram Ads. It is one of the good yet effective ways to grow your organic search on Instagram.After knowing tips, tricks, and strategies to increase your Instagram Engagement quickly, gain more info related to those strategies. However, don’t focus or limit your efforts on them. Generally, there are tons of increasing IG engagement designed for those who need it.

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