How To Use Instagram Ads? 3 Advantages You Should Know Before Using Instagram Ads

If you’ve probably seen some ads that are often shown on Instagram, that’s how many forms of ads are used to increase user ratings on social media, especially Instagram.


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Instagram Ads is one of the advertising activities on Instagram to reach a wider and targeted audience. This Instagram ad feature is often used to increase brand exposure, website traffic, or collect new leads.

If you are familiar with the sales funnel, Instagram Ads can also help move existing leads to the bottom of the funnel, namely purchases.

The reason is, there are many things or aspects that are often consumed by the mass media which isn’t good enough either.

However, along with the competitions that occur in the world of social media, it should not be surprising if this needs to be improved in order to get more users and sponsors for these Instagram ads. Check out the following how Instagram ads work in increasing their rating!


  1. Conduct user survey : Maybe if you often use Instagram, one aspect that is often used as the basis for increasing ads is by giving surveys to users. This is done to find out what is the trend or popularity favored by users. So, Instagram can display the content or ads.
  2. Cooperate with other social media : One of the improvements that are often made by Instagram ads is to collaborate with several other social media. Aims to display ads on other social media so as to be able to promote the use of this instagram features
  3. Promotion to the website : One of the Instagram ads activities that is often done is to carry out general promotions to several websites. These steps are so that with the emergence of these promotions, other users will glance at and use the services of this features in promoting services or selling services.
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The stages that appeared at the beginning were how Instagram worked in increasing its rating as one of the well-known social media in Indonesia. In terms of these stages, there are advantages that many may not know about. Check out the explanation below!

  • Beneficial for business people
    One of the steps that can be used by business people is to use these kind of services. This step is able to expand the network and foster a sense of interest in other people in using the services of Instagram ads so that Instagram is starting to become famous and used by many people. Compared to Facebook, Instagram is more often used by business people. Especially online businesses, remote workers, freelancers, and other services. Not only that, but the target for online businesses is not to focus on just one place so that the business development can be broad and can be used as a form of profitable trade.
  • Easier to use
    One aspect or reason why Instagram ads have been chosen to be a rapidly growing type of digital marketing is that they are easy to use. The reason is, this advantage is one of the attractions for business people or non-business people to develop businesses or services.
  • Short and solid process
    The process which is quite short and dense is one of the advantages that all Instagram ads users cannot deny. Because, in terms of its use, it does not take a long time and is not convoluted.

From the benefits described above, of course, for those of you who want to use Instagram ads, you can directly use them as an advertiser service that is highly recommended and suitable for all groups.

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