7 Instagram Foodies Accounts That Will Make You Hungry!

When you are bored, you probably open Instagram and scroll through some content there. Instagram is filled with many different topics from daily activities, sport, politics, food, and so on.  If you are a fan of food content, then you should check these Instagram foodies account to satisfy your mind:

7 instagram foodies Accounts You Should Know

1. Omnivore’s Cookbook

If you love watching Asian food content, you should try to check Omnivore’s Cookbook. This account provides a lot of awesome pictures of modern Chinese foods that will make you hungry.

Omnivore’s Cookbook has 225 thousand followers and Maggie Zhu was the person behind it. 

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2. Skye McAlpine

Secondly, there is an account from Skye McAlpine that contains awesome pictures of their home-cooking table. All pictures were taken by herself in her cities, both in Venice or London.

However, all the foods that she serves are modern western food like cake and some fruits. 

3. Kimberly Hasselbrink

One of the best Instagram foodie accounts that serve many stunning food photos is Kimberlyhassselbrink. 

She was the real photographer and only took pictures of vegetables or fruits only. They succeed in taking pictures of usual fruits like papaya and create awesome visuals with it.

4. Anak Jajan

If you are interested to see Instagram foodies Indonesia on Instagram then you should visit Anak Jajan. However, this account has 440,000 followers this time and Julia and Marius were the couples behind this awesome account.

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This couple started taking pictures in 2011 because they love to travel and eat. Not only give awesome pictures of food but also give some detailed information about it. 

5. Marisa Moore

Next, the food blog Instagram account that also provides awesome pictures is Marisa Moore. Marisa Moore captures some awesome pictures and your day will brighten if you see her profile. Every food in this account looks delicious.

She usually posts some mundane foods. Above all, she succeeds in changing simple food like granola bars to have stunning looks. Not only able to take awesome photos, but she is also a qualified nutritionist, and all of these pictures were healthy food.

6. Eat and Treats

Hans was the awesome man behind this account and he has started taking food pictures since 2012. This account serves a picture of daily food in Indonesia but with awesome looks. 

However, Hans usually does a review about newly launched eateries in his description. Not only review, but he also gives several recommended foods in the menu. As a result, whenever you come to the eateries, you will understand which menu to eat. 

7. The Original Dish

If you want an account with different types of foods then The Original Dish may be fit for you. Kayla, the person behind it, posts many different foods from only a bar of dark chocolate to grilled carrots. 

She also sometimes creates a new simple menu that looks delicious in her pictures. However, Kayla has received her certificate from the Culinary Institute of America so you can trust her recipes. Moreover, she often creates new recipes with brilliant styling. 

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Watching Instagram foodies accounts on Instagram can be the right thing to do whenever you feel bored. Some of them also write down the recipe so you can also try to make it at home.

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