Solved! This Is How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

Are you looking for a way to delete Instagram account? You have found it but you are not sure about it. No worries. There is an answer to that. You just need to follow these easy steps on how to delete an instagram account. 

First Thing’s First Before the Account Deletion

You need to pay attention to some things to prevent accidental actions. Here are some important things you need to consider.

You must back up any sensitive information from your Instagram account. For instance, if you have private chats that contain important information then you need to save that. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Your Instagram app on your phone. Then, tap icon on your profile picture located on the right side corner.
  2. Then, tap to navigate to some options. After that, tap Settings.
  3. On Settings, tap Security and then tap Download Data.
  4. You will need to enter your active email address to receive a link containing your data. Then, tap Request Download.
  5. The next step is to enter your password, then tap Next and Done.
  6. You can expect an email from Instagram with the subject Your Instagram Data. Check your email inbox, then open the email. Tap the link Download Data then follow the instructions to download your information.

Steps on Delete Instagram Account

Once you have backed up your account information, now let’s get into the business. Here are some simple steps on how to delete an Instagram account.

Step #1: Log In To Instagram Web via PC or Laptop

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delete instagram account

Open the Instagram website on your PC or laptop browser. Next is to enter your login information. Then, hit the Login button.Now, you have logged in to Instagram browser..

Step #2: Navigate to Instagram Help Centre

Click the Help link as described in the picture to navigate to the Instagram Help Centre. Moreover, you can also paste this link into your browser address bar,

Step #3: Processing the Account Deletion

Inside the Instagram Help Centre, click Manage Your Account and after that click Delete Your Account.

The next step is to click ‘How do I delete Instagram account?’. Read the instructions as necessary then navigate and click Delete Your Account link. Use this delete instagram account link and paste it on your browser address in case you cannot open it from there.

Step #4: Proceed to The Instagram Account Deletion

Firstly, you need to fill in the reason Why do you want to delete @username?. In this case, let’s try the reason ‘Created a second account.

After that, you must re-enter your password. Then, you can click Delete @username to finish up the account deletion.

Final Remark

Congratulations! You now understand how to delete an instagram account permanently immediately.It is necessary to make a backup in case you need to review the information again. That is how to delete an Instagram account. Hopefully, you can find this guide helpful.

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