6 Story Hack on Instagram Using Filter Ideas for Beginners

Story Hack on Instagram Using Filter

It is the right time to take your Instagram stories game to the next level. By knowing a story hack on Instagram using a filter, your posts will be on point. Not only that, it can lead you to go ahead of the trend. Can’t wait to try any Instagram filter for your story?

With tons of filters available on IG stories, you can even try Instagram story text background. These days, IG stories get a lot more creative which is proven by filter options. So check this trick Story Hack on Instagram Using Filter.

What is instagram filter is

The Instagram filter is an easy and quick way to enhance photos before you post them. Nowadays, you should not use any editing app due to various IG filters to try. 

With Instagram filters, you can express yourself. The photos you share are more likely to attract, so your followers and other Instagram users will like them. Story Hack on Instagram Using Filter will made you feels greats

1. Beginners Can Start with a Professionally-designed Template

It is okay if you still get confused in using Instagram story features. Somehow, not everyone is a design wizard, right? Don’t worry because you can choose plenty of apps to get design templates for your amazing IG stories. Cz Story Hack on Instagram Using Filter can made greats.

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2. Add Unique Filter and Effects

The next trick about Story Hack on Instagram Using Filter. When it comes to posting IG stories, will you use the typing effect Instagram story? A good filter can make basic photos or videos look more appealing. You can save time if you edit a photo before posting it.

To get effects, search it on Instagram’s effects library. Then, save them on your story camera.

3. Change IG Story Background Color

It is the right time to know how to put color behind text in Instagram story. The simple way to do it is by tapping the draw tool in the upper right-hand corner of your device. Then, you can select a color you desire.

After that, keep a hold on the screen for 3 seconds. Once you share a feed post to stories, the background fills with the selected colors behind your post.

4. Being Familiar with Available Editing Features

It may not seem like a hack because it is easy to recognize editing features. Editing a photo or video is a good way to make your photo more interesting. Thus, your audiences will pay more attention to each of your stories.

5. Use Interactive Stickers

The use of interactive stickers can make your stories more engaging even though stickers aren’t a new Instagram feature. To be able to use stickers, simply tap on the smiling face. 

6. Add Multiple Photos to Your Story on Instagram

You find multiple cute photos in the gallery. If you want to share them at the same time, try this Instagram story hack. Find out Add from Camera Roll on Sticker option and choose as many photos as you want.

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It is all the idea of a story hack on Instagram using a filter. You can find more hacks that will help to get more attention anytime you share your stories on Instagram.

Even though editing a story using a filter takes time, you will love the result. Try it now and see how you can start your popularity on Instagram.

So they is how Story Hack on Instagram Using Filter.

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