These Ways to Activate Instagram Restriction

Instagram has released a new feature, namely Instagram restriction. This instagram restriction mode aims to protect instagram account users from disturbing, offensive, and even insulting comments which address other Instagram account users.

Humiliation in cyberspace has been happening in social media lately, including on Instagram and it often happens to anyone, even to strangers. Therefore Instagram issued this feature so that Instagram account users can use social media comfortably and safely.

By activating this new feature, you can filter comments which are posted to your post from other Instagram users. It also can minimize bullying on social media especially on instagram.

Different from Block Feature

Previously, Instagram also had a block feature that could prevent someone from commenting negatively on your account. However, it is a little bit different from the Instagram restriction feature.

This feature lets you to filter the person, comments, or message that you do not want to without blocking or unfollowing that person.

If you restrict someone on Instagram and that person comments on your account, the comments only can be seen by the person that you restricted as explained by Instagram on its blog page.

Even so, the person you restricted is not blocked. If you block someone on Instagram, you can not see anything related to his/her activity on his/her account such as the post, comment, or message.

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But, if you use Instagram restriction, you just restrict his/her comments or messages. So, others cannot see their comments unless by tapping the appeared message. This is similar to comments replies that are muted on twitter.

Meanwhile, the owner of the Instagram account has the choice to approve the comment being viewed publicly, to delete or ignore the comment.

With this restriction mode, Instagram also can remove notifications on comments from accounts that you restrict.

How to Activate Instagram Restriction

It is very easy and simple to activate instagram restriction mode. There are three ways to restrict someone on Instagram that are through profile, direct, settings, and comment on your post.

Activating Instagram Restriction through Profile

– Login into your Instagram account. You can login by Android or iPhone.

– Find the Instagram users’ profile you will restrict.

– Click on the restrict option on the three dots you can see on the right side of the page.

Those ways above can also be used to unrestrict the person on Instagram.

Activating Instagram Restriction through Direct

– Click on a DM or messenger account that you want.

– Then, click on name you want to restrict.

– Click the restrict option.

Activating Instagram Restriction through Settings

– Go to your profile by clicking on your profile picture.

– Click three lines in the top right.

– Select Settings on the three lines at the right side of the page.

–  Then tap Privacy.

– On the Below Connections, click Restricted Accounts.

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– Last, click Continue.

Activating Instagram Restriction through Comments on Your Post

You also can restrict a person on Instagram through comments that he/ske posts on your account. Here are the ways:

– Go to your feed page and select one of your post, then click see comments.

– Then, for iPhone users swipe left the other users’ comment and click it.

– For Android users click and hold other users’ comments.

– You will see an exclamation mark and click on it.

– Last click restrict (username) 

This feature also applies to direct messages on Instagram. By activating instagram restriction messages, accounts that you restrict also cannot see if you are active or not. You also will not get notifications if the restricted account interacts with your account such as commenting on your posts.

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