Guarantee Simple Tips on How to Get 10k Followers in One Day

Having 10k followers on Instagram is a milestone that many brands and influencers aim to reach.  Other than being a prestige, Instagram also offers special features on accounts with a huge amount of followers. How to get 10k followers in one day and is it possible? If you are starting a content creator career or want to promote your business, you can try these tricks.

The Benefits of 10k Followers And How To get 10K Followers in one day

Do you know the reason people are racing to get 10k followers in their account? What is the benefit of Instagram 10k followers? Turns out it is because Instagram has an additional feature to reward big accounts with 10k followers. It is called Swipe Up feature, a utility to link your Instagram stories to your site just by one swipe of finger.

Marketers agreed that Swipe Up is a significant factor to increase sales and traffic. For business and influencers this function helps increase traffic to their sites by allowing easier access. 

Audience does not need to type your url to visit your website or store, they just need to do a swipe of their finger. Of course, it is usually preceded by Instagram stories that promote your product or content so people will be interested to click the link.

Unfortunately, this feature is exclusive to big accounts with 10k followers. You can pay to get it but it will cost a high investment budget not every new business can make. 

Then what is the solution? It’s either wait and try to gather followers slowly over months or use tools to gain followers in a blink of an eye. Both are having their own advantages and downsides.

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How to Gain 10k Followers in 1 Day

If you need to know how to get 10k followers fast on Instagram, one strategy that is commonly used to get instant followers is by using follow for follow (F4F). 

The gist is you have to follow a lot of accounts related to your topics and wait for them to follow back. There are also communities that are dedicated to doing these f4f and will quickly follow you back.

To reach huge follow backs, you might need to follow thousands of people first. But, you have to manually click those follow lists and the effort itself is going to be really taxing. Instagram also has follow limits that forbid you from following or unfollowing too many accounts at once.

If you don’t think you will be capable of doing this one by one, you can also try an organized follow for follow method by using some specific tools modified to get auto followers. 

Of course there are usually some specific criteria before you can directly use it on your business account. You can try this method for free in

Unfortunately, instant methods to gain huge followers in a day usually are not sustainable. To gain better engagement and organic followers you need to make quality contents that cater to the right audience. But don’t worry, you can also do both as a solution.

How to Create Sustainable Followers

Here is an Instagram followers hack. To create sustainable followers, you have to provide them with what they need, which is quality content. 

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Good contents are materials that are easily consumable by its viewer, have consistency, and maintained well by its owner. Create posts that are unique and have a specific niche so it will be easier to understand by the public.

Once you really put effort into maintaining your posts, you will slowly gain more genuine interactions throughout the months. This might take longer and might get you followers in much slower time compared to instant methods but it will also help you keep organic followers.

That is how to gain 10k followers in one day. If you do both the instant and the long-run way, it will improve your account value and make your business more profitable.

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