4 Steps To Be The Top 10 Most Viewed Video on YouTube

From the top 10 most viewed video on YouTube, we can learn how to start YouTube videos. We can be part of the business and keep posting our video content. Create our channel and reach more viewers. 

Aside from that, get also the benefit of free Instagram followers. Let’s check the below talk on how to create a video on YouTube

How to be the Top 10 Most Viewed Video on Youtube

Start By Planning

Before starting to make a video, you have to plan your content. Make sure you know what you want to produce through your channel. You can begin by outlining each scene or section of your video. 

Make sure you also think about the message that you want to deliver. It is a way to portray your audience and involve them indirectly. That is why the plan is essential. 

From planning, you can know what to do next. Let us proceed with the following explanation. 

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Write Down The Script

After you know about your plan, you can continue by creating a script for your video. This part can be simple to do but require further understanding. 

You can write a relatable and appealing language to be in the top 10 most viewed video on YouTube. Take, for example, you can write a simple explanation for a beginner’s guide. It is better not to use many technical terms. 

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For an in-depth video, you can include terms to get your viewers easier to understand. You had better mention it more specific to the industry. In this way, you try to build trust from your viewers. 

Remember to create a short script and easy to understand. Do not create a longer one that makes your viewers more confused. Write an understandable script. 

Make a Shot List

Another one is a Shot List that helps you to encourage what you think. It guides you to get smaller details. This part can be a direction for lighting and camera placement. 

However, you should create this after you write your script. Make sure you include all things. It helps you to direct your production, like a camera setup or dialog on each scene. 

Organizing Scene

This one is essential as well. You have to know what you need for your video. It includes knowing the property as well. From here, you can make the followers stay engaged.

List important questions for better improvement. This step by step is part of the top 10 most viewed video on YouTube.

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