Top 30 Most Searched Hashtags on Instagram in 2021

Instagram is one of the most used social media around the world. Many people or companies are trying to develop their audience by using some hashtags. If you are one of them, you might need these most searched hashtags on Instagram for your needs. 

Are Instagram Hashtags Important?

Since the first time Instagram appeared in 2010, the developer has made many changes but hashtags are irreplaceable. 

Using hashtags still be the finest strategies to reach more audiences till this day. It can also increase the number of interactions in one post. As a result, it will lead to increased followers and potential customers for your company.

With hashtags, Instagram can categorize some posts or stories that use the same one. No matter how much your followers are, your post with a hashtag will be visible for all users. However, Instagram will not show your post if your profile is locked or you set your profile to a private one. 

Many people use hashtags to search to find other relevant content they want to enjoy. Therefore, if you use some relevant top 30 most searched hashtags on Instagram, it can bring your post to your target audience even if they have not followed you before. 

Top 30 Most Searched Hashtags on Instagram

Even new hashtags appear almost everyday, some people often use the old ones because it is very popular. Here is the lists of the most popular hashtags on Instagram 2021 in all topics:

  1. #love 
  2. #fashion
  3. #photooftheday
  4. #art
  5. #photography
  6. #cute
  7. #tbt
  8. #travel
  9. #instadaily
  10. #repost
  11. #Food
  12. #me
  13. #instalike
  14. #friends
  15. #photo
  16. #family
  17. #ootd
  18. #likeforlike
  19. #mode
  20. #follow4follow
  21. Amazing
  22. #igers
  23. #design
  24. #sunset
  25. #motivation
  26. #handmade
  27. #sky
  28. #drawing
  29. #bestoftheday
  30. #gym
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Different Types of Hashtags

If you want to use some hashtags on your posts, then you should search for the relevant ones. Here are the best hashtags for Instagram 2021 based on the type of your post:

1. Photography and Art

Do you love taking photos of aesthetic things in the world or are you the art master? If yes, then you should try to use specific hashtags on your post to reach more specific audiences.

Some hashtags you can use is for example #picture, #art, #pencil, #artsy, #graphics, and #artoftheday. When you are a photographer then use hashtags that show techniques that you are using in a picture. For example, #focus, #HDR, #micro, #color, and so many more. 

2. Traveler

You love to go out somewhere and then take some pictures outside there? If you post it on Insta then you probably should use these hashtags like #street, #biker, #riding, #instatravel, #trip, or #tourism.

3. Animals

If you are a pet lover that usually posts your pet on Insta, there are also some popular hashtags available for you. 

toTry to use hashtags like #animals, #pets, #petsagram that will drive you to the same interest users outside there.

Using the most searched hashtags on Instagram can bring you more audience and help your account to develop. The most important thing to do is use relevant hashtags and create your own. Having a specific hashtag only for you can help the audience to find your content or your products.

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