Easy 3 Ways Becoming The Top 50 Most Viewed YouTube Videos of All Time

When you browse, you may find the top 50 most viewed youtube videos of all time. It shows that YouTube has changed and evolved constantly. Mostly dominated by funny videos. 

From here, you learn how to get more viewers. Now, let us jump to the way to get more views on YouTube. 

Create Effective Content

If you can grow your YouTube video, you can get free Instagram followers. You have to remember that the quality of your videos does matter. If your video is good, viewers will notice that. 

Using hacks or ads is essential, but your content is the most essential part. That is why create compelling content to get more YouTube viewers. 

Start to identify your ideal customers. They can get the most things that you want to know. They help to meet the needs of creators and viewers. 

You can see this result from several popular YouTube creators. They focus on how-to content and can grow more viewers. 

Encourage The Viewers to Subscribe

The next part is to encourage your viewers to subscribe. It is like bringing back your old customers to be new customers. In this way, you can retain your customers. 

This method shows that you can grow your business. You use customers as the power to develop your content. Step by step, you can be part of the top 50 most viewed youtube videos of all time

Although you can get more viewers, it is essential to encourage your current viewers. Motivate them to subscribe to your videos. By gaining subscribers, you can increase more viewers to your new video. 

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The way to get more viewers can be simple. Start by asking about the beginning and end of each video. Do not only ask viewers to subscribe to your video. 

Besides, there is also another thing that you have to remember. Allow them to turn on the notification bell. They can do this after clicking Subscribe. 

Promote Other Videos On the End

You can promote other videos at the end of the screens. This way is effective to gain more viewers on your YouTube channel. This feature must be done by verifying your account. Once you do it, you can access the features. You can use not only cards but also end screens. Both are the right tools to boost your YouTube videos mainly to be the top 50 most viewed youtube videos of all time.

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