Who is The Most Famous on Instagram 2021?

With more than 1 billion users, with (to be honest) frequency of visits more than once a day. Instagram is increasingly becoming the most influential social media giant today. One indication of someone famous on Instagram is the large number of followers.

Well, the following list is the 10 most influential people in the world. Who actively use this platform as their social media choice.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Who is the most famous on Instagram? Not actors, not singers, but this Juventus megastar is the champion. Yes, over the past few years. Cristiano Ronaldo has topped the list of people with the most followers in the world. What attracts people to follow him?

He is an accomplished athlete. Won many championships and awards, handsome, his life story is inspiring, and is the most expensive paid athlete today. Is this reason enough? Not. She loves to donate, loves children, and often shows off her family in her Instagram posts.

No wonder, his 314 million followers feel closer to him and become fanatical because of it. Paid posts on Ronaldo’s IG feed can be worth billions of dollars, fantastic!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Who would have thought that this former wrestling athlete who is now an actor occupies the second position as the figure with the most followers in the world. Dwayne Johnson who is known as The Rock is famous for his big and muscular body, bald head, famous movies, and arched eyebrows.

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To his 254 million followers, The Rock often uploads his physical exercise activities, his latest films, and his daily life with his family.

Ariana Grande

This female singer who is familiar with this ponytail hairstyle occupies the third position of the most famous influencers on Instagram. Ariana Grande, who won a Grammy in 2019, has a pretty artistic Instagram feed. 

To her 214 million followers, she often shares her activities when making video clips, concerts, recordings, and even expressing her support for a humanitarian movement.

Kylie Jenner

One of these Kardashian-Jenner girls was originally famous for the reality show she starred in with her family. In recent years, she has become a beauty mogul in early 20s, running a cosmetics business empire and one of the most famous names on Instagram. 

Luxurious lifestyle, charming body, and love life is a strong magnet for her 248 followers who continue to faithfully follow her life on IG.

Selena Gomez

In fifth position, this singer who is also an actress often shares advertisement posts, beauty pictures, her support for human rights, and concern for mental health to her 244 million followers.

Kim Kardashian

The most famous of the Kardashian clan has long attracted the interest of the world. Starting from her sexy selfies, sometimes naked, her ubiquitous business, as well as a number of love stories.

But what Kim Kardashian’s 236 followers like the most is that she often shares photos with her family, which makes her one of the most famous Instagram artists in the world.

Lionel Messi

This football player who is also a living legend has 232 million followers from all over the world. His achievements, awards, and daily life as a footballer are a strong magnet for fans to stay loyal to his feed. Sometimes, there’s also an adorable family photo there.

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Those are the seven most famous on Instagram. Each one is interesting and inspiring in its own way. Which one have you followed?

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