Guarantee Simple Tips How to Be a Travel Influencer on Instagram

Today, everybody is looking for a way on how to be a travel influencer on Instagram. Having traveling as a hobby and getting paid for it is indeed a fun thing.

Social media has introduced us to lots of professions and job opportunities that we never had thought about before. Therefore, many people try to pursue their dream while still getting paid for it.

The presence of social media, such as Instagram, also shows tons of travel influencer opportunities. This job might be right for you if you love to go places and become inspiring to many at the same time.

But what should you do to start your travel influencer profession?

How to be a travel influencer on Instagram

1. What’s your niche?

Why does niche hold a crucial rule to become a travel influencer?

You can consider niche as the theme for your home. It helps you determine your style with the content. A niche also makes you stand out in the crowd, different from other influencers who only go places.

Niche for travelers includes health and wellness, luxury, hiking, winter destinations, gastro tourism, and so on.

Pick a niche that you love most and master all tips on how to become a travel influencer on Instagram faster than you ever know.

2. Take good pictures

Since we are talking about Instagram, you need to be more sensitive with the visuals you show on the Instagram Feed.

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Pictures surely speak louder than words, especially about experiences. So, other than focusing on your photography skill, you should hone your sense of visual imagery. Combining those skills will attract more people to visit your page.

3. People love videos

Taking pictures is fun. However, many people love to enjoy your experience through a video. Hence, you must include your video as part of your main content on Instagram to boost your impact on your audience.

Today, you can create content with Reels other than IGTV and be sure to utilize the feature. Feel free to take a look at other influencers’ content to find some travel Instagram content ideas.

4. Build your brand

Digital branding is a must, especially if you want to connect more to your audience. Other than that, be consistent when posting pictures and videos.

For instance, you want to bring travel enthusiasts who love good food. Thus, you create “Street Food” as part of your brand.

By that, you allow your audience to connect more with you and give them a room to interact.

5. Collaboration is key

If you take your travel influencer jobs seriously, you would go for collaborations. Keep in mind that it doesn’t need to be from the same network platform.

Collaborations allow you to create innovative content but with a partner. In the end, you will healthily grow your audience while creating conversions too. Other than being social and love traveling so much, you can utilize the Instagram Stories feature to grab more attention from your audience. 

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By following the tips above, you already master how to be a travel influencer on Instagram and get lots more followers.

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