Hot to Get YouTube Views and Your First Dollar

How many youtube views per dollar that you need? This question sounds simple. But, this is maybe the very first question that anyone asks when they are going to start a YouTube channel to get an income.

Here, we have a short and simple explanation about the number of views that you need to get your first Dollar through your YouTube channel.

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Google AdSense for YouTube

To get paid and receive the money from your video, you should connect your YouTube channel with Google AdSense. It is the service that will provide the ads on your video. The percentage of the payment from

Google AdSense is practically similar for YouTube videos. Google only pays 68% of the revenue from the advertiser to the publisher, which is the one that publishes the video with ads from that advertiser.

Unfortunately, there is no fixed formula to decide how many views you need to get the exact one Dollar. However, the average views number of the video that can give you one Dollar is 1000 views. And, you should note this.

That views number doesn’t guarantee that you will get that one Dollar.

The advertiser will only pay after the viewer clicks the ads or watches the ads until the end. That’s what you need to know about youtube views per dollar.  

How to Get More People to Watch or Click The Ads?

First of all, you should create a unique and interesting video. More importantly, the content of that video should be informative and provide what your viewer are looking for. That will increase your subscriber number, youtube views, and even your Instagram follower if you also use it for promoting your channel.

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More importantly, make sure the video that you post on your channel has a detailed description. It might require some SEO touch. But, you can use the hashtag or description to ensure that your video only is found by people that need it. Then, Google AdSense will display the ads that match your video category.

That will increase the ad clicking rate, which also adds more income to your pocket.

ConclusionAs you can see, the views on your video hold an essential role in the income that you can receive from YouTube. Therefore, make sure you only post the best quality video with interesting content to get more views.

That will increase the rate of youtube views per dollar on your channel.

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