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We provide free tools for those of you who want to add Instagram followers and instagram likes. Quite easy and safe to use.

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Our Advantages

Best Proxies

We use proxy in all tools provided. The proxy used is the best proxy and is very suitable for Instagram. So you don't have to think about it anymore.

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Good Performance

We use the fastest servers for Asian locations, so you don't have to wait long for the website and no need to doubt the performance of the website.

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Always Update

We will always follow Instagram updates such as the latest APIs and algorithms. Still in doubt? doesn't seem necessary. We will always have update for you.

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Get Instagram Followers Real

Get Instagram Followers Real for free without spending any money!

The more instagram followers you have, the greater the opportunity for your business to be recognized. From your instagram followers, the possibility of getting loyal customers is also greater.

So, how do you increase free Instagram followers automatically without an application and don't have to buy the services of a follower agent? Check out the following ways.

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Instagram Like Boost

Getting Instagram likes on this website is very easy and free.

Many people are looking for ways to increase likes on Instagram posts for the purpose of increasing the popularity of their account.

The number of likes and followers is often a benchmark if their Instagram account is in great demand. Even now many are making money from the popularity of their Instagram account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This service is completely free for you to use, we only take advantage of advertisements. If you support us to continue to be active, please click on the ads that appear.

Of course you can, the points will be refilled every 2 hours.

Don't panic, I suggest to change the password.

Yes, because this system is based on follow for follow, so when you log in using this website you automatically agree to automatically follow people, but you also get followers.

Sorry, you can't add points. You can only wait until the points are refilled every 2 hours.