3 Tips How to Top Comment on Instagram

When someone you follow on Instagram posts an interesting photo or video, you usually want to comment on the post. However, sometimes you definitely want them to read your comments, right? Therefore, you need to understand how to top comment on Instagram.

What Does Top Comment Mean on Instagram?

Instagram has a variety of features that you can take advantage of. One of them is the top comment feature. This feature can make it easier for users to read the comments of other users.

To be this top comment, a comment must have many likes and replies from other Instagram users. Then, the comment automatically will be in the top position according to the number of likes obtained. If so, the owner of the post being commented on will read this main comment too.

Top comments are often found on news, gossip, and entertainment accounts. In addition, celebrities or people who have a lot of followers also often pinned comments. Top comments can be jokes or conversation starters.

How to Top Comment on Instagram

There are three tips to do this, so your comment will show on top. These ways, the owner of the post you are commenting on will read it. Take a look at the methods below!

Be different

Your comment must be different from other comments. Other users viewing the comments will notice the unique comments. Different in this case, you have to give opinions from different perspectives and word processors.

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Leave a rejection comment

You can also give arguments in different ways. You can leave a rejection comment along with a unique but still reasonable reason. When others give their affirmation, you can try to do the opposite to attract attention.

Be the first

To be a top comment, you must leave a comment when the account owner posts a new photo or video. If you leave a comment at the beginning, many people will probably read it. Because, after 12 hours no one sees the post you want to comment on.

Remember, don’t over-comment. Just leave a comment as necessary. Spam comments are very annoying and make the app lag or down.

How to pin a comment to the top on Instagram

Already understand how to get top comments on Instagram, right? Then, what if your post has many comments from your followers? Then, from some of those comments, there are some that catch your attention and you want other users to know it too.


It’s easy, you just swipe left on the comment section you choose. Then, select the pin icon to pin the comment. Through this feature, you can pin one to three comments on top.

Meanwhile, if you are an Android user, just long-press the comment you want to pin. Then, select the pin icon at the top. The comment you selected will be at the top.


When commenting on other people’s posts, be careful. Even with people you meet, be polite. Not everyone can accept your opinion, so please use good language and attitude.

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Pay attention to the account you comment on. Sometimes, some accounts prefer to pin the comments that are not related to the topic because they have only seen it as a joke. However, some people pin the comments to warn others not to post the same comments.So, do you understand how to top comment on Instagram right? It’s very easy but you have to be careful. For more information about Instagram, you can visit the website followersandlikes.co.

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