4 Simple Ways to Get 1000 Free YouTube Views

How to get 1000 free youtube views? This question has a deep meaning, especially for you who love buying views from an online provider.

As you might already know, to buy 1000 views from the provider, you need to pay at least 4-5 Dollars.

However, this time you don’t need to pay for that. You can get those 1000 views for free. Do you want to know how? Continue reading below to find the simple tips to get YouTube views for free.

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4 Simple Ways to Get 1000 Free Youtube Views

1. Share on Social Media

To get more views means you need to reach more people. Tell them that you have this video on your channel. And, the best platform to do that is the social media platform.

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You can use any of them. Try to tweet about your video.

Make a post on Facebook. Or, you can encourage your Instagram follower to watch your video. That will give you 1000 and even more views.

2. Create Unique Video Thumbnails

Do not use a boring screenshot of your video for the thumbnails. Create thumbnails that can attract people’s curiosity. Use a color that is easy to catch attention.

Most of us will only scroll or swipe the YouTube recommendation without reading the title. So, by creating unique and eye-catching thumbnails, you can make people stop and see what your video is all about.

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That helps you to get 1000 free youtube views.

3. Interesting/Intriguing Titles

After your thumbnail catches people’s attention, they will read the title to know the content of the video. Therefore, you also should put some work on making the title.

Create a unique title that describes the content of the video clearly.

You can make it mysterious by hiding all the content and asking your viewer to guess. However, in most cases, the full described title is more effective to get people to click the play button.

4. Related Tags

Last but not least, use the related tags on your video description. Use the tags that match your video content.

Therefore, when people that need that content find it, they will watch your video without hesitation. And, that will add more views to your video statistics.


Those are some methods you can use to get free YouTube views. On the other hand, if you love buying views, you also can find many providers that offer 1000 free youtube views bonuses for the first-time user or other deals.

Now, you only need to choose which method you want to use to get 1000 free youtube views.

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