4 Trends of the New Tiktok Video 2022

There must be a new Tiktok video 2022. Well, among them, what are the trends in the year? Talking about social media being highly used and demanded in 2021, everybody must agree that Tiktok is one of them. The number of users is increasing as it offers many new features. The concept is also creative as users can create their own videos, dance with the music available, while explaining things or knowledge they know.

In 2022, it seems that many people still love Tiktok. But of course, some trends are happening and they are a little bit different from the trends last year. So, do you want your posts to be trending? You can choose the ideas below.

If you love dancing, don’t worry. It will still be one of the Tiktok trends in 2022. Choose a popular song and dance with it. You can practice it first before uploading so that your dance is more interesting to watch. Like when you buy free Instagram followers, your Tiktok followers may significantly increase after posting your dancing videos.

Grow up and Glow up

Along with the trend of skincare and cosmetic marketing via social media, the next type of video to be a trend this year is to grow up and glow up. So, you can upload a new Tiktok video 2022 that consists of a compilation of your old and awkward photos. Choose your teenage photos where your face is still plain, no make-up, and with pimples here and there. Post them together with new photos when you already glow up. Compare them.

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Family Tiktok Videos

Making videos with a group of friends is even too common. So, why don’t you try to make a new one with your mom, dad, siblings, grandma, grandpa, and other family members? You can dance, lip-sync, or do other fun activities together. Of course, it will be fun and make the relationship get tighter.

Daily Life Documentation

There is probably nothing special in your daily life. But documenting it is not bad at all. So, you can create a video about your everyday life, edit it, add filters, stickers, and texts to make it look better. Sure, you don’t need to be too detailed in it to keep some activities secret. Post it to your account to see others’ responses. Don’t forget to add some humour to it to avoid your new Tiktok video 2022 being boring.

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