5 Effortless Ways to Make Money from Instagram

With more than 1 billion users, Instagram is definitely an effective social media and business platform today.

Bisnis.com said, 87% of entrepreneurs recognize the advantages of this social media in increasing their sales. After knowing the facts, you can start to manage your account and make money from Instagram.

You might think that only celebrities and influencers who have tons of fan base and influential connections can make money from social media. But evidently, to get income from this platform can be done practically, even without a fantastic number of followers and capital though.

No need to linger, read the tips below.

How to make money from Instagram

Open Your Own Online Shop

According to research results from Ipsos, 52% of businessmen surveyed admit that they direct customers to business profiles on Instagram more than websites.

This proves that this social media platform is very popular among business people and customers. Set your account to be a business then start getting money from Instagram.

You can sell your own handcrafted goods, your delicious food, and even offer your own digital products and online services. Tips on how to get money from Instagram page:

  • Use a unique and easy-to-remember account name
  • Write clearly the product/service you are selling, including some other important information. 
  • Market them with the right hashtags.
  • To make it easier for customers to buy without switching to another application, use the Instagram Shopping feature. In fact, 130 million people click on shopping posts on Instagram every month.
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Become a Product Reviewer

When you want to buy a product online, chances are that you will look for reviews or product reviews from other people first. It means, product reviews can influence a person’s decision to make a transaction. So you can also become a product reviewer and make money fast from the internet. 

If you are able to do it well, it is not impossible that the product company is willing to pay you. By focusing on one type of product, you will have a strong personal branding. Make sure you recognize the product inside and out so you can make a list of pros and cons then give an honest review.

Become Affiliate Marketing

Too lazy to open your own online shop? You can register in the affiliate marketing program. Affiliate is a program that gives you a commission if you succeed in getting other people to buy a product. 

It’s like you are a marketing agent who promotes other parties’ products. Tips for success, understanding the product, taking photos with good resolution, playing with hashtags, and learning copywriting techniques will be very helpful.

Offer Jastip Service

How to get money from Instagram followers, especially if your circle of friends is very wide? As the name implies, Jasa Titip service means that you buy a product according to a customer’s request or deposit. 

If potential customers are interested, you can buy the product for them. You can get a commission from the service that is currently trending.

Instagram Admin

If you are highly trained to use this platform and are proficient in utilizing its features, just offer the services of being an administrator. Currently there are many businesses and small business units that are still new in promoting their sales on social media. It is people like you who can bridge this.

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Those are some ways to make money from instagram. You can use your account, followers, or skills to increase your income from this most famous social media. There is how to make money from instagram.

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