6 Tips on How to Get Verified on Instagram

With a lot of Instagram users, you can find some of them who have verified accounts. Learn the steps on how to get verified on Instagram, if you want a blue badge on your Instagram account.

The Meaning of Instagram Verification

Instagram verification is how users prove that their accounts are the authentic presence of a notable public figure, celebrity, or global brand. Nowadays, it is easy to see verification badges, even more, if you follow famous people or brands. 

Before talking more about how to get verified on Instagram 2021, it will be better to know how the verification badges are designed to make real accounts stand out. Thus, Instagram users are sure they follow the right person or brand. 

Knowing Who Is Eligible to be Instagram Verified

All users can apply to get verified, but Instagram is notoriously picky about who can be verified. Since asking about how to get verified without being famous, here is what you know.

First thing first, keep in mind that getting verified on this social media platform is not easy, but it is possible. However, never try to buy a verification badge. To get it, make sure your account meets the following criteria.

  • Authentic 
  • Unique 
  • Public
  • Complete
  • Notable

How to Get Verified on Instagram

While it is right that a blue badge that indicates you pass an Instagram verification account provides several benefits, here are tips you can try. So, how to get verified on Instagram for free?

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Get More Followers

It feels like you need several followers to be able to get verified by Instagram. Try to get more followers but in the right way. It means that you must ensure that the followers are real, not fake or bot. 

Connect Any Social Media Accounts

Connecting Instagram accounts to other social media platforms can demonstrate authenticity. Even though it doesn’t guarantee verification, a high following on other platforms is helpful. Before focusing on Instagram, try to get verified on other social media accounts.

Keep Your Account Public Visibility

Perhaps, you have the reasons why keeping your account private. Unfortunately, it doesn’t qualify for Instagram verification. In other words, your Instagram account must be public once you plan to ask for account verification from Instagram.

Post Contents Frequently

How can Instagram consider verifying your account if you don’t use it? Before posting something, complete your profile, starting from picture to website’s link. Recheck your account even before seeking information without human verification.

Engage and Respond

You have followers that may meet the verification criteria. Unfortunately, it may be useless if you don’t respond to them. What to know is Instagram sees whether you are active on the platform or not. Connect with others and show that your account is important, so people pay attention to it.

By knowing how to get verified on Instagram, you can apply for verification. In general, verified Instagram offers so many benefits. Before doing it, make sure you have the goals and reasons why your account must get verified.

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