Find Out How to Seen IG Stories without Knowing

Have you ever thought about how to seen IG stories without knowing? If your attempts still fail or you just basically have no idea how to do it, then you must try some simple tricks explained below. Here, there will be four ways you may follow on how to see IG stories without them knowing. 

4 Best Ways how to seen IG stories without knowing

For those who actively use social media, particularly Instagram, you should learn these easy tricks on how to look at IG stories without them knowing. Who knows one day you would need this badly yet you have known how to do it after reading the brief and useful article below.

Take a note that some of the given tricks require you to download an additional app but thankfully some others don’t! Now, let’s check them out one by one!

Sneak peek the IG stories

If you plan to check IG stories without  knowing, the easiest way is to sneak peek. To do this, first you have to go to the homepage of your IG account and scroll to the top where you can find bubbles of your friends’ IG stories. Next, find the target IG story.

Before seeing it, scroll to the following story and open it instead. Then, hold the screen and drag it to the left to sneak peek at the target IG story. Make sure to not release the dragging on the target story.  

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how to seen IG stories without knowing

Sneak peak” means that you can only check it without opening the full story and you won’t be listed in the viewed-by list.   

Instagram Story Chrome Extension

Another trick you should try is by using a Chrome extension for IG story. First thing first, log in to your IG through Chrome.

Then, click on this link to install the IG story extension

After that, go back to your IG page and click on the extension icon. You will be directed to the extension page and just type the account that the IG story you want to see secretly. 

Open IG Story Secretly via Website

If you prefer the quicker way, you may use the IG story  website. It doesn’t ask you to log in. Instead, just click on the link below to go to the website and type the IG username you want to see.

Download additional app

The fourth way of how to view IG stories without them knowing is by downloading an additional app. This method works best for mobile devices. Some of the recommended app you may download are StoryStalker, StorySave and many more. 

Those are the best methods of how to seen IG stories without knowing. Based on the four ways above, which one do you want to try first? Also, the methods discussed above won’t let the users know that you have seen their story.

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