How to Avoid Instagram Ban 2021

When followers and numbers are encouraging for Instagram account officers, some activities may get your account banned or disabled, or blocked. Once you know the strategy on how to avoid Instagram ban, you can learn to grow your account safely and healthily.

One of the most popular things people look for on search engines is how to not get shadowbanned on Instagram.

But what is shadow ban after all?

About Instagram shadowban

Instagram shadowban is a penalty that decreases and limits your post visibility on the platform. This “punishment” is a way the social media platform in putting those who follow T&C on the priority list.

But how could you get shadow-banned by Instagram?

When you posted inappropriate content or something close to violating the guidelines on Instagram, that post will get demoted.

Today, we at least know several factors that could help you on how to avoid shadow ban on Instagram.

5 Things You Must Do to Stay Away from Instagram Shadow Ban

1. Do not use banned hashtags

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Even though hashtags seem to be innocent, Instagram has identified a list of “forbidden” hashtags which could ban your account if you use one of them.

Generally, you can simply avoid inappropriate hashtags. However, it couldn’t be that simple.

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Back in 2020, #elevator, #brain, and #desk were banned for no apparent reason. Thus, you better do your research before using hashtags.

2. Mass follow and like can get banned too

Many of us need more likes and followers to make the account visible. Other than that, those numbers can take you to a nightmare, especially if Instagram considers the activity as bots.

For instance, you can only get 60 likes, 60 follows, and 60 direct messages per hour. Your account may get blocked if you violate the rules.

Instagram will limit your activity on posting comments, liking posts, following accounts, or replying to Direct Messages for two hours to two weeks. As part of how to avoid getting banned on Instagram, you can give a little rest to your social media activity.

3. Only share appropriate content

You can read the Instagram Community Guidelines about what images and videos you can share on this platform. Sexual content, naked bodies, and violence may give you a shadow banned Instagram.

However, Instagram may delete your post or ban your account if users Report your content. You can do nothing about it.

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Instagram takes copyright infringement seriously. When the owner of a picture or video reported you to Instagram for copyright violation, your account would get blocked.

Thus, you better upload your pictures or videos only or have permission from the owner before posting your content.

Another thing that can make your post disappear is if you use a video with somebody else’s music.

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5. Do not spam

Whether you are spamming comments or likes, this activity will get your account banned from Instagram. As explained earlier, there is a certain number that limits your likes and comments while using Instagram.

Even though these activities are not harmful, Instagram may take you as a bot. So, spamming is not a smart idea if you are looking for a way on how to get followers on Instagram without getting blocked.

When it comes to how to avoid Instagram ban, all you need to do is follow the rules and guidelines. You don’t need to make a grand gesture, after all.

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