Simple And Easy, How to Blacklist Friends on Instagram

Do you have someone over your friend list in Instagram you’d rather remove? Or an ex you want to cut ties with? Don’t worry, here’s a tips how to blacklist friends on Instagram and what happens if you do. Check it out.

The Advantage of Blocking, how to blacklist friends on instagram

As in your social life, you own the right to eliminate someone from your digital social life. Be it due to troubled friendship, someone you are uncomfortable with, or various other reasons. One way to cut any tie is by the power of that block button.

What will it do? When you block an account, it will be as if your account disappeared from their Instagram.

The said person will not find your account in the search bar and they can’t contact you from direct messages anymore. Their interactions with your post such as comments and likes also will be removed. So, taking advantage of block buttons will bring you a more peaceful day.

Unfortunately, if you previously had any conversation in direct messages it will remain. They would still be able to view the messages though incapable of contacting you anymore. 

Also, if you are currently in group conversation with them, you will be asked whether you want to leave the said chat or stay there. Both you and the blocked person can see any messages typed in the group chat. This is ways how to blacklist friend in instagram.

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How to Blacklist Friends on Instagram

Blocking a person on Instagram is quite easy. Here’s the step on how to block Instagram account:

1.   First, search up the profile of a friend you want to block in the IG search bar.’

2.  When you open the profile, click the three dots available on the right upper page.

3.  Several options will be available like Blocking, Restricting, and Report. Pick “Block this User”.

4.   It will then enter your list of “Blocked Accounts”

If you are curious to see those you already blocked, just navigate to your own profile. Tab the three dots button in your profile and click “Setting”. Choose the menu “Privacy” and “Blocked Account”. There, an Instagram block list of accounts you have blocked will be available.

How to Unblock Accounts?

Even though blocked accounts will not be able to see yours anymore, you can still search them up in the search bar. To unblock, you just need to open their profile and the “Unblock” button will show up in the profile. Tapping it will unblock and remove the account from your block list.

What happens if you unblock an account? Unfortunately, by blocking a person your tie with them is severed permanently. Both you and the person will unfollow each other. The removed interactions like post commentary and likes will also disappear.

The good news, those accounts won’t be alerted by any notifications of them getting blocked or unblocked. But, if you have a change of heart and choose to re-follow again they will notice you had blocked them once.

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Alternative to Blocking

Those are how to blacklist friends on Instagram. Blocking in Instagram can be a good solution when you want to remove mutual following, but if you don’t there are several alternatives. Another way to minimize their interactions with you is by restricting and hiding their account from your Instastory.

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