How to Create Story with Close Friend

Did you know that IG comes with many handy features to use and one of them is How to Create Story with Close Friend. Through IG stories, you are able to promote things or share any useful information more easily to the other users. However, there is a time when you are willing to share it to some selected users only. To do so, you may create a list of these selected users and make it into a close friend list. If you still have no idea how to create a close friends story on Instagram, better to check out a quick tutorial below!

A Quick Tutorial of How to Share IG Stories to Selected Users

By following a quick tutorial below, you will learn how to create the friends list and how to create a story with a close friend tutorial . Now, let’s begin with the first step.

Go to the IG story option

First, open your IG app. It  is highly suggested to use the app version by downloading it from the playstore. Then, log in if you haven’t but if you have, you may directly swipe the screen to the right to get to the IG stories. This is how it will look after you swipe the screen.

Go to the setting of IG story

You can find the setting of the IG stories by clicking on the gear icon at the top left of the stories.

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Then, you will be directed to the IG stories setting page. Before sharing the stories, you need to create the friend list first. Check out the following steps to find out how to make a close friend story on Instagram.

Create a close friend list

To create the friend list, choose the “Story” option. After that, you will find many other options to manage your IG stories setting. Below the “Hide story from” option, you can find the “Close friends” option. If it is stated 0 people, it means you haven’t created any list.

To have one, choose “0 people” to add friends to the list. Then, choose “Get Started” to start selecting the users you want to include.

Use the search bar to find the username or manually scroll the friend list and tap on  “Add” to include them into your list. After completing choosing some friends, don’t forget to end this process by clicking “Done” at the top right corner of the page.

Create IG story to share

Next step of how to do a close friend story on Instagram is to prepare the story to share and before tapping “Done” you can choose the “Close Friends” option by clicking “Share”.

That is the end of ,how to create a story with a close friend tutorial. Now, it is your time to try the easy steps above by yourself.

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