How to Swipe Up on Instagram 2021

Instagram has transformed into a very reliable business platform today. Reporting from, 52% of businessmen admit that they direct customers to their social media page, more than websites. If everyone surely knows how to swipe up on Instagram, they can obviously optimize their contents.

The Advantages of the Feature

When posting on your feed, you can’t put a clickable link. Meanwhile, Swipe Up allows you to do that. So, anyone who sees your Instagram Story is able to directly access it. The feature is such a revolutionary for businesses, or brands to raise the engagement rate for their content. 

It is also easy for customers to be directed directly to a particular sign in or purchase page, Instead of entering back to the Instagram profile page, looking for the bio, then clicking on the link. This is an enormous deal.

How to Get Swipe Up on Instagram Story

This brilliant feature clearly increases traffic in your account, gains the engagement rate, and grows customer loyalty. Due to the popularity of this feature, search engines are even filled with questions about how to swipe up on Instagram 2020. 

Unfortunately, this game changer cannot be used by everyone. There are special conditions to be able to enter this feature in your account. For example, the minimum requirement for followers, an account registered for a business profile, or already verified with a blue tick. 

But how many followers are there to get swipe up on Instagram? This platform requires an account to have 10,000 followers minimum. Then if your account has met one of the requirements above, here’s how to insert a link the Stories:

  • Go to IG Stories.
  • Select the content you want to post.
  • After that, click the chain icon at the top in a left side
  • Select ‘+ URL’ and enter the link you want to share.
  • Then, click ‘Done’ at the top right and share your Instagram Story.
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Can Non-10K Followers Use It?

Stories can only be viewed and accessed within 24 hours but putting a link in it can certainly facilitate access to prospective customers or followers quickly and accurately on the page you want. Of course everyone, even those who are not influencers or business accounts, want to be able to get it. 

Actually there is a trick on how to get swipe up on Instagram without 10K followers.  You can take advantage of IGTV! This is a feature for uploading videos more than a minute (with maximum 60 minutes) on Instagram. Make sure to download it, make the channel, then explore the profit. 

Then make some creative video contents that seem to be able to grow the visitor traffic to your account. Don’t forget to add a catchy call to action Copywriting so that the audience is increasingly curious, then clicking the title link. 

You can share the teaser from this IGTV on your story and don’t forget to link this content link there. This is how you get swipe up on Instagram without being verified first.

That’s how to swipe up on Instagram, the benefits for your engagement rate, and a few tricks that are no longer a secret, if the requirements are still not met. Although it’s a bit tedious, it’s certainly worth a try, right?

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